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  1. Website Help

    Vet medic that's the one cheers gnipper
  2. Website Help

    Just wondering if anyone can help me.i bought worming tablets online off a well known website and I can't remember what the hell its called lol it's uk based if anyone can help jog my memory much appreciated
  3. Ferrets Denbighshire

    from good working parents flesh fed well handled pm for details prestatyn area
  4. Ferret Kits Wanted

    i have some go on livestock section
  5. Ferrets

    Ferrets for sale in Denbighshire From good rabbiting parents flesh fed and well handled Pm me if interested £10 each
  6. Do You Know Them .....

    I've screen shotted the pic and sent it around dog lads in north Wales.hope the terrier turns up.
  7. Same Fields As Last Week

    WHat prices do game dealers pay for rabbits?
  8. First Attempt

    Looks hard to do fair play to you. Could be a good earner for you I'd be interested
  9. The Belstone Fox

    Where can I watch it?
  10. New Pup

    Well smart pup
  11. Beagle X Lakeland

    Them two look good grafters cover dog.
  12. Beagle X Lakeland

    Thanks for the replies
  13. Beagle X Lakeland

    Anyone have or bred one? Just wondering what experience people have of this cross
  14. Lurcher Found North Wales

    The said dog on my earlier post is now up for adoption so hope it gets the home it deserves.obviously dumped so hope the scum bags hang their heads in shame.Cowards!
  15. Lurcher Found North Wales

    A lurcher has been found in rhuddlan area by council dog warden and handed in to trelogan animal resuce appaerently its a male collie type with light brown Merle markings