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  1. Gutted

    Sorry to hear that mate never a good thing to happen
  2. Wee mooch in the sun

    Haha mate I have a photo album off my oldest since he was smaller than the dogs to lamping since 5 for bunnies, goes everywhere with me over the years an now 13 he tells me what I should be doing An picks where we go 😂
  3. Wee mooch in the sun

    Beagle russell x cocker mate
  4. Wee mooch in the sun

    For sure mate hopefully these 2 make a nice bushing pup for me to follow in his footsteps. At least I could spend the next several years cursing who’s idea was it to take this monkey on 😂
  5. Wee mooch in the sun

    Cheers mate he’s 9 this year. Tbh ave never used him as a specific dog I need him to be abit off everything. I don’t dig enough for him to be solely that however he does find a few each season it’s on his own accord. He’s grabbed a few roe in deep cover pushes about 50% of my game out banks woods to the big dog but will settle down to a days ferreting. He will be a huge loss for me when his time is up
  6. Wee mooch in the sun

    Cheers mate spaniel x ain’t mine so can’t take no credit for her, all I’ve done is made her a tad rogue for going back 😂🤣
  7. Wee mooch in the sun

    Had a wee wander today unfortunately for the big dog we was walking a place where she was subject to the lead due to some walkers, the little dogs made good there day with some nice hunts to there selfs and done well to push a few bits and bobs about, at this side of this season am happy just plodding and unwinding alittle. A few boring pics off the team
  8. Old dog knows best

    Cheers Andy that be his last this year, he has a real jelly nose from over the years. I think I will try limit him to bushing next year just he be 9 in October bit of luck there’s a nice little bitch out there for him 👍
  9. Old dog knows best

    Cheers Neil it’s not a straight water drain feck don’t like them it’s like an old drain type off an old wall been covered with rock piles etc. Few years back bolted a couple out it always moved sharpish but not today
  10. Old dog knows best

    Got a day for the big dog planned this week so been bushing the last couple off days with the 2 rogues. Took to some waste land after the school run. Nice little bit off hail stones to remind me why I enjoy being out so much🙈. We chased a couple off bunnies then onto some thick brambles, put a fox out and after a wee chase it made its way away pushed on alitttle An they where on off again this time from what I could see they pushed a roe but vetted off that onto another fox they had a good old chase at this took the fox alittle bit to shake off the busher she’s fast for her size. I moved on moving the odd rabbit around the busher was chasing one as the old dog dropped in an old drain littered with rabbit droppings . He will ferret and Mark but has never entered to a rabbit even as a pup. After some moving around I heard a few yaps An then he was on, I only had a small spade today in the odd even this would happen but 2.5 hrs later only to hit one feck off Boulder was not on the cards!!! He moved on the box alittle An was trying to pull managed to free them An the fox took off only for a rogue busher to catch it in cover🙈, eventually I got to let the fox make its escape this time off year I won’t chap any unless really needed
  11. First fox

    Excellent mate always good to get the wee ones out. Mines 13 now snuck him out the other night with the promise to be home by 11.30 he was standing in a shower at 2am🙈🙈 we had a good do tho An the memories last a life time
  12. Little lads funny as !

    Actually pissed myself there hahahs
  13. Out Today

    Black An whites a real nice strong animal good sport well in the young uns
  14. whos working lakeys this season?

    Mother An daughter below An daughter to the above
  15. whos working lakeys this season?

    Nice him joe