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  1. johnrussell84

    A wee walk along the water

    Cheers mate. Been having short jogs with her at night time just ticking over. Some walks with the rod An that should see us by
  2. johnrussell84

    A wee walk along the water

    Cheers mate. Sometimes it’s jus nice to kick back eh An let the brain have some free time
  3. johnrussell84

    A wee walk along the water

    Later in the evening but only small ones where taking
  4. johnrussell84

    A wee walk along the water

    I took a wee walk along the river with rox looking for any wee pools for the kids to fish, sun was shining farmer didn’t mind me walking by, Seen a couple off bunnies which was nice to see and a wee quiet hour was just what the doctor ordered
  5. johnrussell84

    Fao bobcullen

    Cheers mate. I bred his wee lurcher was speaking to him the back end off the season there then lost a lot off numbers. Hopefully socks has a wee read
  6. johnrussell84

    Fao bobcullen

    Alright mate don’t know if you still come on here but lost ur details. If anyone knows bob with moe if they could pm his details or al send mine cheers
  7. johnrussell84

    RIP Tilly

    THats a hard one mate. Feel for ya. Keep the chin up
  8. johnrussell84

    Quick Kill Instinct

    Not on a public forum with lots off guests watching u won’t
  9. johnrussell84

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    Cheers Daniel he’s the same in about 4 off them lol.
  10. johnrussell84

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    Couple from the album An the old dog thebother week
  11. johnrussell84

    Another wee walk

    ITs actually quite enclosed mate when u go up. Nice fields around it and valleys back the way a few miles and them 2 lochs are nice
  12. johnrussell84

    Another wee walk

    Was supposed to be nice today clouds to shift an upto 18 where I am today. So had the boots ready An the dog for a wee walk. The cloud never shifted and the fog stayed on the hills so there goes the view. Only thing that came thru was the heat fecking sweating walking up, still keeps her active
  13. johnrussell84

    faifley lurcher and terrier show

    Good wee show this
  14. johnrussell84

    Who needs Dad

    Some of last years attempts
  15. johnrussell84

    Who needs Dad

    Thanks mate we can only try