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  1. The Best Coursing Dog Ever

    I like a dog to wait for the hare to get closer. Drop to the ground so only it's head is visible through the grass. It has to wait for right moment and when the hare is close enough. It pounces.
  2. Romeo X Fly Pups

    Brilliant vid mate. Shes a stunning bitch. Keep posting them up. The original would have been nice to compare against. If she ran an average of 32mph. At her top speed she must be close to 35mph maybe?
  3. Romeo X Fly Pups

    Lol at jax. Now thats more impressive. I was sent a video of nipper running a hare against a coursing dogx greyhound. Nipper was flying mate and led the straight by a couple yards. Another fella with other brother has said its the fastest dog hes seen.
  4. New Lurcher Lamp Have You Say

    Replaced the wire in my striker straight away but the lamp itself has lasted the test of time. Not sure i have changed the bulb. So if your new models could resemble the striker with LED bulb and changable lithium battery in handle. They will be a handy tool. If you havent released a new one by this coming season i will be purchasing the 150 again at some point. I did lamp on with the lamp even though i had a wider square beam and still caught alot of rabbits.
  5. Romeo X Fly Pups

    Heres a recent pic of bud and one of nipper weeks before i found him a new home.
  6. New Lurcher Lamp Have You Say

    Why cant d lloyds lamps take the same beating as my striker?
  7. New Lurcher Lamp Have You Say

    £45 isnt exspensive but my light force striker cost me £60 but has lasted me 10 years or more. The reason these laps have been hammered is because when your carrying 15 or more rabbits and go slipping down a bank then the lamp will take abit of a beating. Then again i would choose to buy the same lamp for next season or would i go for the clulite one. Same body as dlloyds lamps and i would get it replaced everytime it broke for free i imagine. All i was trying to suggest is that the making of the lamps could be of better quality if thats possible. It might not be. They are a great lamp. A longer beam would be better if the lamp maintained the same amount of battery.
  8. New Lurcher Lamp Have You Say

    D lloyd i really enjoyed using the 150 last season but me and nottzhunter hammered ours over the season . We caught over 1500 rabbits last season but both lamps had lost there lenses and the beam went square towards the end of the season. So a tougher lamp that doesnt go square because i will need to replace the old one this season and £45 gets exspensive if i have to do that every year. I didnt have a problem with the power, we managed to catch 141 rabbits with two 150 lamps but a longer beam would be an improvement.
  9. Romeo X Fly Pups

    I cant do it mate. Not even to a 10 year old pot licker. I reckon hes in good hands now. Dogs got all the capabilities of making someone a nice dog and the lad that has him keeps me updated with how hes doing.
  10. Romeo X Fly Pups

    Great photos mate. If shes anything like her dams dam she will be perfect for the racing. I will try mine this summer at the shows. They have turned out to be a good litter thats for sure. I have just rehomed nipper so hes gone to some lads from kent that go coursing in france.
  11. Ferreting With Tomo And Vin Part 1 And Part 2

    Been thinking of taking all 5 of my dogs ferreting when i get chance including my old girl fly, my girlfriends pointer cross. When i do i aint going to be bothered what anyone thinks aslong we have some fun. I know just the place to go to aswell. Massive warrens on a hillside. Might get 20 might get 1. I was hoping to make a christmas video but im ill in bed.
  12. Ruptured Achilles' Tendon ........

    Good luck ken i hope she recovers well for you. You deserve it after all the help you have given me and others. Your certainly the best chance shes got.
  13. Romeo X Fly Pups

    She looks lovely mate and in great order. Shes got a nice size chest on her too. Hows her recall now? What height is she? Thanks for the update.
  14. Ferreting With Tomo And Vin Part 1 And Part 2

    Romeo pup this morning.
  15. Ferreting With Tomo And Vin Part 1 And Part 2

    Yes mad max its my pup out of romeo and hes not like the one you mentioned. Hes certainly not afraid to strike. Hes up and at them but stamina to stay and even more drive to push on even when it gets harder.