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  1. I have a caravan in tunstall , which .I use at weekends , if you still need a partner l would be interested.
  2. Hello Pianoman, what pellets would you recommend for a HW97 177 thanks


    1. pianoman


      H&N FTT are usually very good in any Weihrauch barrel Darlo.

      Ask Mark Williams what he uses in his. He's been getting terrific accuracy from his. 

      All the best.


  3. I have a two year old whippet, since ive had this dog his dam has been bred from at least twice more, is this right?
  4. anyone in the Durham newton aycliffe area could offer a nights lamping, I have a whippet dog 16 months old, been out a few times with him but seen nothing, any help would be much appreciated. thanks
  5. dead right, vote UKIP, I used to vote labour but will never ever vote for them again they have betrayed the working class people who supported them, the BMP are a joke, UKIP are the only way.
  6. origen is the best dry food you can get but is very expensive 60 quid for a 15 kilo bag , amazon have the best prices.
  7. Hello, ive just got got a whippet pup, my first running dog,after his injections when he can go out how much exercise should I give him, at the moment he is playing in the house and garden with my terrier, any advice would be appreciated. thanks.
  8. ive got a border bitch she is a fantastic busher, I got her from a bloke in durham called chipper. I just took her out and she picked it up herself,
  9. try to get his recall sorted out, I was out with my young border dog , he got on a sent and was off, I was shouting for him to come back he just ignored me , he was killed outright by a car 300 yards away, I was allways too soft with him ,this was 6 months ago still miss him now, save your self a lot of heartache and spend some time on training , I wish I did, michael
  10. I got a border terrier bitch from chipper , she is a great little bushing dog will face any cover , her mother was called cherry, im getting whippet pup to work with her,
  11. do you mean chipper smith?
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