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  1. beretta A302 semi auto

    Its a shame I don't live closer. Nice gun.
  2. German Male Goshawk

    A couple of pics of some crow hawking with my Gos. No car hawking involved, just sneaking around trying to get a close enough slip.
  3. Gamerooster Did you ever manage to produce any Greys under broodies?
  4. Any Beginner Bird Suggestions?

    Join a club and get out with a few different people and see different bird species fly. Get yourself a "good" mentor. It will make life a lot easier on you AND the bird and don't be in a rush to get a bird, take your time and only get one when you are ready for one. Read lots of books. You will need quite a lot of equipment ranging from a decent mews - not just a shed, as well as telemetry, gloves, swivel, perches, leather to make jesses, anklets etc. Match the right bird to the land you have access to as well as the quarry you have to fly.
  5. How To Enter A Male Harris On Crow?

    One thing I will say and that is don't give him slip after slip without getting a kill. Young hawks soon get demoralised. Three or four slips at the most and then fling out a carcase for him. I usually put it on a long line and throw it way up high for the bird as he comes towards me. Then give him a decent feed from it.
  6. How To Enter A Male Harris On Crow?

    A HH will struggle to catch crow in fair flight, but they can catch them if you get a close enough slip. Some HH can be quite good at them. When getting a hawk entered on them, I get the bird used to catching a crow carcase. I let the bird feed from it so it knows they are good to eat. Then I put a carcase on a line and get the bird to catch it in mid air, making it harder and harder to catch as the training progresses. After a week of this I usually go to a farm where they feed around the sheds. It makes it easier to sneak up close enough to give the hawk a decent chance. Some people car hawk [which is illegal on the public road] but I think its unsporting so I don't do it. But I do drive around the farm roads where I have permission and if I see a good slip, I park my van and get out and walk up before slipping. If you can get your HH to soar, it will have a decent chance on any crows feeding below. If you persevere and like you say get the hawk fit, you will catch crows. Its years since I flew a HH, but it caught the odd crow, magpie and moorhen. If I had pheasant at the time I'm sure he would have caught those as well. Good luck.
  7. Complete Novice Thinking Of Starting Up

    You could consider joining the Scottish Hawking Club. There are a few members over there and some might help you out. As for books, I would read Falconry and Hawking by Philip Glaser and also Emma Ford's Falconry Art and Practise. You can sometimes get these books at the local Library. But nothing beats getting help from a "decent, experienced" falconer mate.
  8. Browning Pheonix

    I've heard a lot of mixed reviews regarding the Hatsan. But I've also heard that you can get problems with any make of gun. The Hatsan seem to have more issues though. An elderly gentleman I know is selling his as he is giving up shooting. Its fired less than a box of cartridge through it.
  9. After a season or 2 with an old baikal sbs, I quite fancy trying a semi auto. A guy at the shoot had one of these with him an allowed me to put a couple of shots through it. It felt very comfortable. I have a chance of a fairly newish Hatsan Escort but I have never tried it. Is there much difference in size, handling etc between them? Cheers
  10. Ferreting

    I always take my Brittany out with me when ferreting, hawking, or shooting. My old dog who is 9 now marks holes, marks where the ferret is if it has killed and if its not too deep. If the dog is well trained I don't see it being a problem.
  11. Nick Fox Dvd

    Search for him on Google mate. I think he is under International Wildlife Consultants UK He has a website where you can buy his books, dvds etc
  12. Falconry Books

    How much are you looking for the following behind the scenes jack mav a hawk for the bush - jack mav - 1st edition laggard - stevens understanding the bop - nick fox the old one isbn 0-88839-317-2 Cheers
  13. Jesses

    As Accip74 stated, you should have a go at making your own equipment. By making your own equipment means it should fit better as it is made to measure so to speak. I had one female Gos that resented being held by short jesses so I just made hers longer. The small male I flew I always had short flying jesses on. Its the same with anklets. You can try different thicknesses and diameters depending on the hawk. The hard part is getting good leather..LOL
  14. Male Haris Hawk Tail Feathers

    Hi Woody Try contacting your nearest BOP centre. They should have plenty around. Or you could put his weight up and moult him out now and get him ready for the coming hunting season. Good luck
  15. Dogs On Point

    Quail seem to be an ideal training aid. Good birds that will lie to a point make good dogs. I have to pay and I release pheasant and partridge as there are no wild stock left around here but I'm lucky to have a good amount of wild woodcock and snipe to hunt in the winter.