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  1. First fox

    wee mans first fox
  2. First fox

    hes out of a full greyhound bitch to a 1/4 bull 1/4 collie 1/2 greyhound dog
  3. First fox

    this season the first av let my son come out at cover an hes took to it like a duck to water . well sunday past he got his first fox up a ditch he held the dog an slipped him an made his day few pic of him past couple of wks the fox running was his fox screen shot from video
  4. Not A Bad Start To This Fox Season

    havent realy been out lamping past 3 or 4 weeks av lost intrest in it av been out doing cover on a sunday just for a change had a few from holes an one up the ditch but left my phone in the motor i was gutted good lift an run . thats the pup the day hes getting there cheers lad
  5. Best lurcher cross for foxes

    collie bull grey for me
  6. Wheaton x greyhound, on foxes pre ban

    get a yourself a half bred either bull or wheaton any type has good an bad points
  7. Not A Bad Start To This Fox Season

    4 in one night 8 or 9 in a wk id have to check the dates but thats of top of my head its with the black an white dog an that was around end of nov start of dec if am right mate cheers
  8. Not A Bad Start To This Fox Season

    i had one of her from sunday coursing one but deleted by mistake i was gutted
  9. Not A Bad Start To This Fox Season

    obe for mates young dog today
  10. Not A Bad Start To This Fox Season

    cheers lads this season hes had 27 over all hes had 200+ hopeing 40 + mark this season . my stuff has nothing to do with WC stuff i injoyed watching there stuff but theu doubled up which am not keen on unless witj a pup . av been trying to get day work videos an stuff for a change hopefully have some soon
  11. Not A Bad Start To This Fox Season

    one again last night
  12. Not A Bad Start To This Fox Season

    cheera lads hes doing well the youndmg pup hes collie bull grey out of flick 1/8 bull 1/8 collie 3/4 grey over a first cross bull grey
  13. Not A Bad Start To This Fox Season

    cheers lad hes been out past 4 weaks bone infection in his jaw so started him back there killed a few from the last time av posted but not as much as id like due to him being hurt . pups doing well tgats a pic of him from yesterday
  14. Not A Bad Start To This Fox Season

    thats ok if your out with 4 or 5 people i lamp with one fella very odd time id get another to come out or out on my own i cant lamp record an hold the dog an call any man wants to be my full time camera man il bring them out . 100% i no your not mocking lad i agree if i had a real good camera i could get some good footage id pay to see it myself all edited up