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  1. Meece

    Rotting meat !!!

    The thing about this was the impact shock power that it had on both of us. Is wasn't a "Blimey, that was a bit gamey" sort of thing, it was a complete auto reaction like getting an electric shock or something. Both of us have had dealings with gutting animals but rotten slurry was in a different league. To me it was sort of like a mix of ammonia, old copper coins, Branston pickle and shite. Whatever It bowled us over. The aftermath was the lingering sensation in the mouth and nose.
  2. Meece

    Harry marrying a half caste

    The situation that they are in is one that I wouldn't want. From now, every move they make, every step they take will be watched. You and I can walk around town but they can't. Marriages do have ups and downs and the fact that there is always some gutersnipe news hack waiting for you to trip up isnt helpful. I dont see how colour has any bearing on their personal relationship. Allegedly my family name came over with William the Conqueror and I may be out of Viking stock but as far as I am concerned I am English through and through. Watch out though if I have an axe in my hand. Good luck to them.
  3. Meece

    Rotting meat !!!

    I bet your Mrs loves you coming home after dealing with stuff like that It would take a long time to blow up a whale with a pushbike pump. Yep, straight through.
  4. Meece

    Rotting meat !!!

    Yuck, magot farm !! The mind boggles. The trip flipped on this blokes freezer. What a mess. It's like liquid slurry. We were hit like an ammonia shock wave. The only thing that I could suggest was to turn it back on and 're freeze the whole lot back to solid and then get the whole freezer to a tip asap before it unfroze. Total write off. Then get the bloke to take pictures and claim his house insurance. I suppose we could gargle with the tcp to get rid of the after smell/taste. Yuck.tuck, yuck. It's made me reconsider cremation !
  5. Meece

    Rotting meat !!!

    I think that calls for a wire brush and detol !
  6. Meece

    Rotting meat !!!

    Recently one of the son in laws and I had the misfortune to encounter a freezer full of rotten meat. ( not ours) it was liquefied slurry. We were both bowled over by the stench. The thing is that we are both having odour flashbacks !!! We've changed and washed clothes, had baths, cleaned mouths and teeth many times but every now and then we are getting a brief smell or taste of it waft up. It is most unpleasant.. anyone encountered this problem. Son in law heard that eating garlic would cure the problem. I replied that the smell of rotting meat was preferable to garlic. Anyone experience of this rot meat smell ?
  7. Meece

    The Muswell Hill Murderer...

    There's nowt as strange as folk. locally, A bloke died and his partner / wife kept him at home and slept in bed with him for several days !! When it came to dispose of him she thought that she was going to load him Into the motor, prop him up and belt him in like Mr dead and rock up at the crematorium. She then thought that someone/ public would drag the body out and load him onto the conveyor belt. Totally Barm pot.
  8. Meece

    Show your guns

    We mustn't mention the B word or else big brother will be marking us up as terrorists. The stupidity in all of this is that any amount of laws can be passed but criminals dont follow rules and laws. It wouldnt take much time or thought for me to make one of those B devices using freely available chemicals and either mechanical or electrical means. Its about like when auto shotguns were reduced down to 3 shot. How did the reduction of a coupe of shots in the mag make any difference to anything? Laws !
  9. Meece


    I thought that I was going to have to go out because the girls were all going to come down and have a Girlies night watching a load of gaylords and weirdos. I must have brought them up wrong somehow. Anyway at the last moment they decided to go to eldest daughters house as her husband was going out with his mates. Hooray. That stadium was full of weirdos. The gaylords love it and have Euro parties.
  10. Meece

    We dont want them back

    This sort of fits in here. Everything is gona be alright. If you want to get to heaven, I'll see you right.
  11. Meece

    Formal interview

    That's about the score of it. A gardening customer of ours got fined £300 for transporting a crane bag of grass cuttings because he hadn't filled in the correct paperwork from two different addresses even though he had a waste transfer licence. If it was a third party who has reported it, be aware of possible pictures. Everyone has a camera on their phone ect.
  12. Meece

    Formal interview

    This first meeting might be just a friendly chat but they are hoping that you will either incriminate yourself or others. Be aware that even if you have been invited for a chat, that you are being investigated as a wrongdoer by association. They dont know anything solid yet and they are giving you rope to hang yourself with. what you say may well be recorded and trawled through. This might mean that at a further meeting your statements at the first meeting will be put back to you and you will be interrogated and zig zagged about. You wont remember what you said at that first meeting and your story will be a analysed and wrapped around your neck.any deviation and you wil be classed as a liar. if they've got your no. plate, they have a hidden camera. If you have been photographed going down full with stuff and coming back out empty, the questions will be, where has it come from.? What have you done with it and where is the paperwork for it.? What are the fines for this.? It's a cost layout but they're after your hide. Or cheque book or both. Ps. Have good answers to their questions other than you were moving it for a mate or it was because his truck was broken down or it was a birthday present. They will have heard it all before.
  13. Meece

    Show your guns

    Perhaps you could start a movement and campaign to get the stupid rules changed. Still if it is like this country they won't listen to you. Sometimes it does work though.
  14. Meece

    Met police racist

    The fellows of foreign origin seem to have clanned up like tribes. They've lived like this for many milenia so it must be ingrained into their thought pattern. All the time that they have this mentality they condem themselves to the lower bottom of the pile.
  15. Meece

    Show your guns

    Another example of stupid nonsensical rules which are rubbish. Every country seems to invent a load of nonsense. If I were out there I would obtain or make the stuff to reload and just do it. No one would know. Still if you have got enough ammo to last a long time you dont really need to reload .