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  1. They should be made to pay

    Who are the previous posts aimed at? The police ? Or the animal activists ? Or the newspaper? Who ever it is, the story has been a long time hanging around. The undercover woman left the police 18 years ago. Since the ruling the other day about how the police didn't do their job correctly In the John warboys black cab Rape case, and how the human rights of people had been affected, then surely the owner of the mink farm would be due compensation a long with any neighbour who was affected for any reason by the release of the mink onto their property. So basically could be a case of 》》》 back the motor up boys there's compensation money to be had here. The police are outlaws and criminals.
  2. Can you forsee any problems

    If your getting knocked about by a gun, either you aren't holding it right or it dont fit you or both.
  3. First attempt - got lucky

    Got to get a chrono. Its like driving a car without a spedo. Accuracy is good and essential but so is terminal velocity. I reloaded 223 and could shoot 410 cases off of fence posts at 100 paces but the bullets didn't expand so they went straight through and that left charlies wandering around with holes in them. When I got the chrono the bullets were doing 2,8. I altered the load a bit up to 3,4 and they were even more accurate and killed on every hit from the other side of an Apple tree out to 300+ paces. I dont normally shoot at that range. It more usual in the pace 》》 150 range.
  4. Another school shooting in America

    Don't forget to add axes, chain saws, broken bottles and the odd discarded tooth brush. If I find a rusty discarded Stanley knife blade I càn heat it up and melt it into the toothbrush and make a knife out of it. Or would this be classified as a biological hazard weàpon
  5. Another school shooting in America

    additional police patrols were sent to Camden overnight and a Section 60 order authorised across the borough until 07:00. "urgent inquiries are under way to establish the full circumstances". Fifteen people have been stabbed to death in London since the start of 2018. It gives a new twist to the song 》》》 young gifted and black. Still the police are doing their best. Perhaps someone should offer a nice cup of tea! That ùsually helps.
  6. Alpen breakfast

    What do you recon the average weight loading of you guys is. Most of the population are on the overload side of the scales. 10 Sugars or 12 ?
  7. No Snip!

    How are you aware of this fact? You've not been checking it out have you.
  8. snow heavy today here

    Yeah. I remember we found one down near the W. end of the Strata Florida run track. The poor devil had gone off of the track by a building and got its legs trapped and tangled in the flattened sheep wire. The beast didnt look as if it had been there more than a day but the whole side of it had been chewed out. Not nice if had still been alive with two broken legs. Down here the sheep are colour marked and brought into covered buildings with straw. There are electric lights so if there is a problem it can be worked on. When that group have all lambed they are moved into the next building and then out into a small holding field next to the farm. By doing this in this way losses are minimised.
  9. snow heavy today here

    Seeing how a sheeps greatest ambition is to die, whats it doing outside? Seeing how cold and wet it is up there and it is the farmers crop, why isn't in under cover? A lot are down here. In the soft south.
  10. are the french nuts

    there was a program on the box only the other day about how packs of various dogs are living out with the herds of sheep up in the mountains and are sort of like guarding the sheep from the wolves. the program was about living in outlandish places. It was interesting. I'll try to find a link.
  11. snow heavy today here

    Nice pictures and scenery. If we get any snow (we have had a few odd flakes one day. Lasted half an hour.) I'll box it ip and send it to you so that it doesnt get lonely. As march is approaching it is getting more unlikely that we will get any again this year and long may it remain so. Roll on global warming. We went out for a five mile walk with the dog at the weekend and it was T shirt weather. Blue sky. Hooray. Here today, it is a bit grey with light drizzle rain ÷8°C. Come back the sun and blue sky. Ps you got all your gloves soakkng wet now.
  12. Battery / Electric cars

    I've never owned or even been in a battery / electric car but the ones that have them like them. What happens if you run our of battery power somewhere? Can they be towed or have they got to be lifted?
  13. Battery / Electric cars

    Swapping the power unit aint such a good idea. If you've got a new unit you wouldn't want some worn out unit that's been charged up a million times and doesn't hold its charge. All new batteries have been hailed as the future technology only to be found wanting. Hydrogen cell might be the answer.
  14. Another school shooting in America

    With all of the people that have been involved in shooting events over the years either directly or affected by the results, you'd think that gun shops and places like Wal mart that sell guns and related products would be subject to demonstrations. You'd think that someone would take a financial decision that it would be lucrative to decry guns and allied products. At some stage the balance will tip and the emperors lack of clothes will be shown. A bit like the Harvey Weinstein and Jimmy Savill sort of situations. A gun on its own just sits there completely doormant until some lune decides to go and do something stupid with it. The circle needs to be broken somewhere. Gun ownership has been there a long time and it will take a long time to mend it. To put this in some sort of context I think that something like 37 thousand people were killed in road accidents last year in the state's. Thousands of people derive lots of pleasure from shooting safely. The type of people that go off the rails mainly, although not exclusively seem to be nutters and loners.