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  1. Tips on entering young hounds

    Yeah the older dog will bring them on a lot more and hopefully make them open up quicker aswell thanks for the replys
  2. Tips on entering young hounds

    There is an older dog to.show them but might not be out with him all the time so was hoping to get them going on there owen and then work with the older dog when possible
  3. Tips on entering young hounds

    Yeah have them used to stock just get them going on game now and hopefully they'll come good thanks again for the reply
  4. Tips on entering young hounds

    Thats true alright mate thanks for the reply
  5. Tips on entering young hounds

    Was just wondering has anyone any tips on entering young hounds or bushing dogs..or whats the best way ? Just starting out and would like to hear from some more experienced lads
  6. Old Sayings

    An ounce of breeding is worth a tone of feeding There a big difference between a slow dog that wants it and a fast dog that dont
  7. Kennels Just About Done

    Looks a real tidy job mate fair play
  8. Kennels Just About Done

    Any up to date pics fella
  9. Kennels Just About Done

    Sound mate looks a top job already keep the pics of the progress coming..atb mate
  10. Kennels Just About Done

    Really nice set up mate..what size did ya make it ?