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  1. Out Today

    Was hoping to have a pup out of my own bitch but she didn't take so waiting for her to come in again and try again with a bit of luck
  2. Out Today

    He's a fine looking dog from the pictures on here.. And pups in top condition.. Hopefully he dose the job for ya this season
  3. Out Today

    Lovely stamp of a dog ss...is he out of your owen dog ?
  4. Hound Pack Pictures

    I work the hounds and also.have a springer and a couple of lurchers...have you many hounds or what type do you work ?
  5. Hound Pack Pictures

    There welsh x harrier and just over 2 only getting into them myself so hoping these do the job for me now
  6. Hound Pack Pictures

    My couple and a half only have them since Christmas bit started off well next season will tell
  7. Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    What happened your other thread ss ?
  8. Out Today

    Thats a fair size of a fox
  9. Out Today

    Any joy today ss ?
  10. Out Today

    Ah thats a shame nice to get a pup out of the good ones I have a first cross bull bitch hopefully in pup to a full hound so just waiting to see if she took so fingers crossed
  11. Out Today

    Thats not to bad now least it worked out for you..your hounds are working well from what I can see on your write ups on here and the lurcher seems to be a real one and a crackin looking dog...did ya ever breed off him ? If so howd they turn out ?
  12. Out Today

    Yeah be grand if it kept going like that..have 3 welsh x harrier hounds only getting them goingas I only have them bout 5 or 6 weeks but seem to be coming on everytime there out hopefully have them going well for next and hope to get one or more marking now...how many hounds do hunt ?
  13. Out Today

    Oh nothing as bad as missing a few sundays...was out sunday with the few hounds we have getting them going and ran two to ground and two handy digs was happy with the dogs now
  14. Out Today

    Was a out lately shovel shy ?? Enjoy the new write ups