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  1. Couple of old hammers.

    Does anyone on this forum have links with TV? Griff, the world needs you.
  2. Hello I wasn't sure which part of the forum to add this to. My question is, are airgun pellets detrimental to grazing animals? I have some land which I rent out and my tenant has sheep on it. She accepts but is uncomfortable that I shoot across it. Most of my zeroing is done in my own section. Then shooting can be anywhere across the 3 fields/5 acres but not when the sheep are there. It isn't teaming with wildlife as it is open pasture. What is the likelihood of poisoning or will they drop straight through it eaten? Thank you Pesky
  3. Magpies at this time of the year

    Caught two so far. It is incredible that such a wylie bird that is so hard to stalk or ambush can pretty easily be caught in these traps. Greed is in their nature. The bait is a dead squirrel (from last weekend and the .22 TX200) and some bread. I have a bowl of water and some bread in both sides.
  4. Today's dilemma I have caught a magpie in my Larsen Trap. Should I deal with it as intended, eg use it to catch more then properly deal with them. Or... they nest in January. Should I just let it go for now and then deal with more magpies when everything is nesting. I grow my own meat and magpies are a big threat to this operation. As well as noshing the food for hens and ducks, they also munch eggs and later in the year, ducklings. But I also have a conscience and a great empathy for nature, especially during the Winter months.
  5. Your top 3 Spring rifles and top 3 pcp rifles ?

    Well it didn't wriggle when I ate it. I think it was just very fresh when I took the photo.
  6. Your top 3 Spring rifles and top 3 pcp rifles ?

    These are mine. Based on hunting success Spring 1. HW35 (but I have had it since I was 19) 2. Air Arms Pro Sport 3. Air Arms TX200 PCP 1. HW100. Er, it's the only one I have. I have just got an HW97. So we will have to see if the order changes.
  7. Mallards

    It was just a variation I was after really and these are local. I picked Muscovies after a bit of research and they work for me - big, docile, quiet. No issues at all really. Visitors point out how ugly they are, as if I hadn't noticed.
  8. Webley Eclipse

    It is just the weight issue really with the popular underlevers. The HW57 may be worth a look. Can anyone comment on whether HW have fixed the random popping up of the pop up breech issues they had?
  9. Mallards

    Well, like the others, it was supposed to be eggs and meat. But the Muscovies are to busy sh*gging for eggs. Poor girls get no rest. And because it is such a palaver, I haven't eaten as many as I'd intended. I started with 3 Muscovy ducks and a drake. Got up to 24. Started thinning them out, then with all the pork in the freezer, couldn't really be mithered. The Indian Runners and the goose are rescue items. Boys of course. Know one ever says 'I've got this girl duck that I need to get rid off'. Anyhow. I recently acquired a large boiler that runs off a gas bottle. So when we get a dry weekend, I am going to reduce my male Muscovy collection and use the boiler to help get the feathers out. The Mallards would be a nice variation. And handy with them being local.
  10. Mallards

    Yes, I think they might
  11. Mallards

    Hello, I have been offered some Mallards. Price to be decided. I currently have 15 Muscovies, 4 Indian Runners and a male Chinese Goose. Will the Mallards fit in? I believe they can be quite aggressive. I will put them in my quarantine run for a week or so first. Apparently they were bred for an organised shoot but won't fly (clever ducks) despite not being clipped. Thank you.
  12. The Call Ducks

    They do look lovely. Have they called anything else in yet? Bred to fit into a hunter's jacket.
  13. HW35 REFURB

    All looking very good. I much prefer the old stock shape to the new HW35 stock. I don't understand why the new HW35 stock looks so at odds compared to say a new HW95 stock or even an HW99.
  14. HW35

    I would like to know.... Right, in the old days we had the HW35 then came the HW80 and we were told that HW35s didn't produce the full power we had all been led to believe and this was all down to the smaller cylinder capacity, whereas the big and beefy HW80 had much more swept volume and oodles more power. Come forward to more modern times and the HW35 is advertised as full power. Is this really because of the piston head and maybe better springy things? Thank you
  15. HW35

    The 'e' has a 22" barrel against the standard 18" and a cheek piece and pistol grip end cap. The mechanicals are the same.