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  1. Pigs 2017

    My hams came back from the butcher yesterday. These have been injected with brine then sealed in polythene for 4 weeks. I could slice them as bacon or.... I have a spare room (of shame as I am supposed to be doing it up but have stalled) Last year I used my bike repair stand, this year I have a more suitable frame. The hams are wrapped in muslin and will air dry then eventually be thinly sliced as proscuitto.
  2. Air pistol hunting

    So.. for those skilled enough to ensure a clean kill with a pistol Which calibre would be preferred? I reckon that most shots would be less than 15 yards or even 10 feet. If I could use one it would be rats scurrying across the Duck Run. Not always possible to manoeuvre a rifle. So with this kind of range, would people prefer .22 or .177 and why? I am expecting that this would be 5 foot pounds or thereabouts. Pesky
  3. Best ducks to breed for meat

    Yes, you definitely need either a drain, or an easy method of tipping - it gets heavy with water in it. This is another shot of my Duck Tunnel. I have Indian Runners as well and these two had pulled out the plug. I usually clean my baths weekly but it depends on the weather. It gets difficult in Winter, especially when it is frosty. I don't like to use the hose pipe then as it can crack.
  4. Rat Patrol

    Si, I like that one, it has an offset and a proper nut to get it proper tight.
  5. Best ducks to breed for meat

    Air Gun Ant You will benefit their well being by adding water vessels. As big as you can so they can have a wash. I have a corner bath, two straight baths, a paddling pool and various containers. The baths are suspended and drain into compost heaps. I use a stick with a hook to fish out the plug and use a hose pipe to swill and refill. Watching a duck in a bath is like watching a dog play on a beach. They show their joy. You will have to up your game with rat defences though. The pallets shown here have gone and I am careful about where the feed goes. I was using 'Celebrations' tubs, topped up with water and the feed is mixed corn. I try to use suspended feeders over water tubs now. Rats can jump and swim but not at the same time. Pesky
  6. Its ready for testing SI

    Jimmy, I haven't need to shim mine. It took a bit of zeroing in though. I am only shooting at 20 yards though. I keep looking at the adjustable mounts but 'how much!' runs through my head. I will spend a lot of effort on bodges before I shell out on those.
  7. Rat Patrol

    It wasn't all good news though. My T20 fell off the side of the Photon and vanished into 4 inches of duck shitty mud. I dug it out with a stick and rinsed it in the sink. I think it survived. I was looking at Jimmy's pictures of his set up. Mine is a cheaper non-adjusting mount on the same place. It struggles to get enough grip and just slides off. I am looking at other methods. The inbuilt IR is a bit feeble.
  8. Rat Patrol

    It made quite a loud thwack and rolled the rat over.
  9. Air pistol hunting

    It is certainly a lot harder to use a pistol. I have always struggled, so I leave them alone. There are many occasions when you can't use a rifle and a deft shot with a pistol would be ideal. Like when rats are moving round your feet.
  10. Rat Patrol

    I was on Rat Patrol last night. I didn't want to stay out all night as it was cold enough 9pm till 11pm ( I know, soft lad). The gritter had been round the roads and my experience is that you don't see many rats when it is very cold as they prefer to stay in the warmth. It depends how hungry they get. Anyway. I only saw the one. It was at about 10pm. It ignored my Nutella/veg oil surprise and was looking for the mixed corn duck feed. About 20 yards, Air Arms Diablo Field .22 from an HW100 KT with a Photon XT. I made all that money I have spent on rifles, scopes, lights, clothes and all that time sat waiting in the cold, worthwhile. I did, I am really pleased. I might have to go out tonight as well. Pesky
  11. Pigs 2017

    We are getting better at making it cost effective. I would say we are now on a par with farm shop prices. The big cost is always the feed. You would still need to give them a cereal base, but this can be boosted by fruit and veg. Pigs getting ill is always a risk. I have had poorly pigs each year. They are susceptible to sun stroke/heat exhaustion, even if you give them a big sunscreen and mud hole. The other thing that hits them is eating something that gives them a poorly tummy. If you have them in an open field, this can be something dropped by a bird, or something they have dug up. You get a bit worried at times. My total vet bill this year was £144 but then I did have 9 pigs, so ok really. Tamworths are nice but slow growing and lean. Mine were Tamworth/Berkshire cross, to get a more even meat. Berkshire being fatty and quick growing. With the cheap land rent - still £75- £100 for an acre, per year, near me, I do recommend keeping livestock, for anyone who is interested. For pigs it doesn't have to be great quality land either. You could really help someone out by putting pigs in a field that is full of nettles and brambles. I was running a cooperative, so that gives you cover for when you want to go on holiday. My pig year isn't over yet. There are still the hams to come back from the butcher. These will be hung in muslin to make prosciutto.
  12. Who Loves Pork

    Pork is the world's most popular meat, accounting for 70%. Figures from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation This is no surprise though as China is the biggest producer and look how many mouths they have to feed. And what an irony of the recent cultural migrations of people that exclude pig from their diet, moving to nations where pig derived meat is the most common. Pigs are so easy to keep. Everyone with a bit of land should have a go.
  13. Pigs 2017

    I only have one proper invoice with the pig details on from the abattoir. Cold Weight KG Hot Weight KG Pig 4 66.15 67.50 Pig 5 72.32 73. Pig 6 84.97 86.70 So a bit of a spread. I think Pig 6 ate all the pies.
  14. Tx200 Version Id

    Thank you for all the replies. The version doesn't really affect how I use it, I was just curious as it seemed an anomaly. These are very nice weapons, whichever version.
  15. Pigs 2017

    Well... I have only used the one but I think they have the best reputation in my locality http://medcalfbutchers.co.uk/ Visiting an abattoir is an experience....