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  1. Pigs 2018

    Fence is up. This is run from a Mole Valley Dual Power transformer. So I can go between mains and battery. I still have to build a wind break and dig a hole for the mud bath, though they will be too small for it for a while and I am not expecting it to get much warmer for some months. Digging a hole when there are pigs in there with you isn't easy.
  2. Pigs 2018

    It had snowed and thawed between those last photos and these, so the terrain was much different, even those it was just days after.
  3. Pigs 2018

    Preparation They aren't here yet. The snow is slowing preparation down. I started by tipping over the hut, to mend the floor. I forgot to take a picture of the new runners. Having replaced/mended these every year, I put big beefy ones on this time but this has made the hut much heavier, though easier to drag around, with a suitable tool.
  4. Ducks and Mud

    Picked up some more chippings. This and the cold dry weather have made it much more pleasant for them. This is Errol in the foreground. I have done some swapping to combat interbreeding.
  5. Ducks and Mud

    We seem to be having a long and cold Winter this season. The snow went again quite quickly but the ground has been frozen at night. There was a fox round last night but it didn't have any goes on the run. I put down some repellent just in case. At least the frozen ground makes it harder for the fox to dig under, should it ever attempt to. Ducks are very hardy and can stand on ice without the expressions we would have. Something to do with how their blood circulates. I am having to smash the ice on the water containers every morning
  6. pretty sure you lads know already but

    It isn't bad considering the short time span but despite the member numbers on here and the other forums, maybe there just aren't enough of us, or enough to stand up. When does the poll close?
  7. Ducks and Mud

    Obligatory Snow Shot. Snow and ice firms the ground up nicely. Yes, wood chips will bring their own problems but at least there should be less mud. Now I have a local source, at least I can keep adding. Thank you for all the suggestions. Though I am dying to see Brigzy's Duck Utopia. Come on mate, get those pictures up.
  8. Sheep and Airgun Pellets

    Sorry for the late reply. I have been shooting on the land since I was 16 but the volume is near the field gate close to the house. So I wouldn't expect animals to congregate there anyway. So will probably be fine. Thank you for all the replies
  9. Ducks and Mud

    PS, those two tubs get picked up at dusk but I leave my DIY feeder in situ.
  10. Ducks and Mud

    Well, I think I'm gonna need a bigger truck! The bottom end is done. I haven't raked it all out yet, might just let the ducks do that. Think I will go back for more and do as much as I can, though the trampled bit doesn't usually get too bad, it is just me to-ing and fro-ing through it with my trug of chippings that had churned it all up today.
  11. Ducks and Mud

    I collected some wood chippings today in my old truck. Lets see how it goes
  12. Ducks and Mud

    Here is the view from the other side. The hut shot shows where I have been tramping through when shovelling out the mud, so it is a bit ground over and sloppier than it should be. I am struggling to get these pictures to show the right way up. Maybe if I tip it upside down it will get the mud out.
  13. Ducks and Mud

    There won't be any poultry going in there. Too much water and the ducks don't like hens. The tables and pallets change as the year goes by and subject to conditions. I have 2 water butts in there and a few other containers. Let's have a look at yours though I am sure we all have our ways of doing things.