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patterdales in ireland

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On 27/05/2022 at 10:56, Scar Face said:

Heres my two pence worth. The best and the most truthful saying i heard since i got into terriers is "believe nothing of what you hear and only half of what you see and you will manage away fine" and im finding it works a treat!! Me personally i think that if you do right by the little terriers and be honest with other terrier men and stick to your word there is never any issues.  i know TP hes a friend of the family and the man is a gent any chance he could help out another man getting started in dogs he would do his best and if he could point a man with dogs in the right direction to improve them he would with the best of intentions, Hes a great help to the terrier world. And i dont know AC  personally but i have a 10yr old dog here that he bread and hes as good as dog as ive seen out in a field and hes a credit to the man for breeding him. If i had a bitch as good as him id be a very happy man ?. And if both men sell a few terriers to get a few bob best of luck to both of them as theres an awfull lot of worse things they could be doing. And Whatever way they went about things with dogs right by some on here and wrong by others on here, the truth is theres alot of men around ireland and england that wouldnt have good terriers only for men like them. Myself included?
Live and let live worry about whats in your own yard and wish other men all the best with whats in there yards!!!!!!! And fire away all the handbags ??

10yr old Ac dog a fewWhat's he out of scarface weeks back 



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On 25/05/2022 at 21:51, chesney said:

There lads peddling stuff still using his name yet same lads are on the phone looking for service or pups of the man. As much he stays in the back round they still seek him out.

I think I no who your on about ? was the same individual down your neck of the woods getting services.

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