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Hello lads, merry Christmas and all that. I’ve got a terrier in my kennels that starting to test my patience. 

Great dog, keen as mustard and all that but time and time again I’ve broken through to her steadily baying away only to find she’s sat with something mid tube on one occasion I broke though and there was nothing there however last week I said to myself if I break through I’ll clear the tubes up and pop her back in to make sure it isn’t my fault rather than blame her. Lo and behold it was sat about a meter back from the open end of the tube and eventually bolted itself - Happy says, a nice morning out (I only dig on my own and keep it private).


However today we popped over to seasoned place, in she went, which was an incredibly large earth with multiple holes spanning across a bracken bank. Straight away she sat at 2.4 baying away well, too many entrances to net I kept an eye out for the bolt but nothing was to be seen. For the next hour maybe two she barley surfaced and worked the entire earth sitting and baying on occasion but shortly moving on and covering a great distance. Eventually on one occasion when she popped out, nose down looking for the next way in I picked her up and sat her back in the truck as I didn’t want to be sat there for another hour trying to get a mark. 

my question is simple, what am I doing wrong? Or is the bitch at fault for not working her quarry to a stop end and staying. She isn’t massively experienced however for what’s she’s done I’ve found she’s intelligent and very safe often comes away without a mark. Please don’t recommend PTS or moving her on, I understand many terriermen wouldn’t tolerate this however for the times I have dug to her successfully it has been a great pleasure. I’ve had a conversation with a lad local to me and his response was “she’s not hard enough to hold them” which made me think one man’s preference may not be another’s. 

all the best & happy new year 

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Ive seen a few different dogs do the same....lads hissing them up,so they all excited and letting them run through empty places as young dogs,going from kennel to box,show them a hole,then back in a box.....is what I put it down too.... always pays to have a marking dog/lurcher with you imo...none of the dogs ive seen do it,made old bones👍

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Be handy to know how much its seen and how old it is, if it's a first season terrier that's seen only a few it might mature, if it's into it 2nd season and seen a good few there's not a lot you can do its just not doing enough to put them in the block end if it's moving out of the block end when your going down, then it's up to you if you can put up with that, personally I couldnt

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Four Years Old

This will be her Second season, the first she didn’t do a hell of allot just steadying away and finding her way.

As I mentioned in the post, last week we had a successful dig. I broke through to find her baying but no sign of quarry after I investigated it was a good meter away further down the tube & not in a stop end. 

I understand many part ways with this type of behaviour in a dog and normally I may of done too but there is great sentimental value with her, doing so would be a difficult thing to do. 


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Had one start doing the same thing after a really good first season, handful of really good digs nothing to difficult, after a summer off started sounding mid tube with nothing in front of him in earth's that were holding, had 2 good digs in one day then the next day out he'd lay up mid tube sounding at nothing, plenty of room so it wasn't him digging on and barking out of frustration, the simple answer was he had jacked on quarry that wasn't showing him its arse. 

Imo a terrier that half Jack's is worse than a terrier that just walks and never wants it again at least your questions are answered right away, these types never come good Imo and nothing but do your head in and you end up hating the terrier. 

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21 hours ago, Busher100 said:

People usually get sentimental with any animal they’ve put the hours into if you can’t cut your loses with a bad un you’ll have a kennel full of shit before you get one that’s decent atb whatever your decision it’s your dog👍

Get sentimental with a goodun not a badun. 

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There’s nothing worse than digging to a terrier that does it half hearted mate,it will end up doing your head in especially if ya dig 8ft plus for that to happen.I would get another in mate and if you want use her for easy shallow digs or pipes if ya don’t have the heart to get rid.

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On 31/12/2023 at 18:44, lurchers said:

There’s nothing worse than digging to a terrier that does it half hearted mate,it will end up doing your head in especially if ya dig 8ft plus for that to happen.I would get another in mate and if you want use her for easy shallow digs or pipes if ya don’t have the heart to get rid.

I'd tend to agree with that 

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