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Leicester kicking off

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36 minutes ago, JBs Left Peg said:


As Iv said most on here shouting the odds couldn’t be arsed to go on the countryside marches back in the day so they certainly ain’t got it in them when it comes to anything more .


You've literally made that up; you've no idea who went and who didn't 

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And the Hindus only need a beheading and 2 stoning's to win the series ........ come on Vishnu give it to muhammed.....

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Just now, THE STIFFMEISTER said:

Broad stroke painting , if your anti immigration , you had the jab as your a coward who didn’t go to the marches . 

what sort of correlation is that to make ?? 

Classic internet downtrodden response Stiff .I bet he used similar after getting flushed at school and again when Ting Tong found out he wasn’t minted .

Always someone else’s fault why he’s a failure .

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2 minutes ago, JBs Left Peg said:

The correlation is the usuals come on here thinking they will do but when there is a real fight to be had they left wanting 

Fooking useless wannabes at the end of the day 👍

What exactly is it you are suggesting these imaginary “group” of people do ?

Just so I’m clear what you are blathering on about 👍

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46 minutes ago, JBs Left Peg said:

British lads with a darker shade of pale leading the way .

You couldn’t make it up.

Shamefull Whiteman  Wilf Shamefull. 



There is nobody British who is a “darker shade of pale”, there’s Europeans of which British are a part and then there’s everyone else who I can’t be bothered to list.

You still stopped short of explaining what it was you wanted this imaginary group to do……it’s ok to say “I have no idea, I just move my fingers and random shite appears” 👍

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