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18 foot python on Hampshire roof.

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Id love to catch it and throw it in a tree shredder dirty cuntin yokes them

Probably used the samurai swords mounted on the wall above the settee as a ladder to escape 

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1 hour ago, W. Katchum said:

Goths?? I hate the wierd reptile owning cnuts aswell 🤢

Multiple piercings, tattooed to fukc ,weird cutns ,act a victim all the time ,a cold reptile a good match ,and a wall full of tarantulas, 

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Seen one of a alligator with a Labrador type dog in its mouth think it was after some floods in USA ? 
those look like royal pythons that got dumped in the bin . Nice calm snakes normally .

just read the article he can afford to smoke and eat fair bit the fat twat! 
why didn’t he sell the snakes and vivs  🙄

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22 minutes ago, forest of dean redneck said:

Seen one of a alligator with a Labrador type dog in its mouth think it was after some floods in USA ? 

The lab with the red collar was florida. 


30 minutes ago, DIDO.1 said:

Just been sent a video of a big croc swimming around a pier with a bloke in its mouth 



That lake is in a Mexican city, one story was that guy was swimming and the Croc grabbed him, another is the cartel dump bodies in the lake for the crocs do dispose of, he looks undamaged, doesn't seem to be any bites. 

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When we was in Mexico we did a couple of days quad biking through the  Jungle  , we came to a lake that had a dodgy zip wire across it that the whole group  did  we then went out on the lake on a dodgy raft made from 45 gallon  drums  when we got to the middle the Mexican guy got a stick and started beating  the water  he then opened a bin that was on the raft and pulled out some dead  chickens holding one of them out over the water,  the biggest Croc I've ever seen came  up and grabbed the chicken....  it was emotional 😆  

Edit to add we wasn't told anything about crocodiles being in the lake ffs lol

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