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Seems to be a lot of jealousy on here ,it's a bit disappointing to read , the man bred a legendary line of running dogs ,his posts are full of wisdom ,they are both entertaining and educational ,he is

Plummer was a tramp  a compulsive liar  an egomaniac who offered to become chairman of the WTF and was politely told to f**k off Gave evidence against terrier men in court  used hi

Every time you write a post it just seems so forced , it's like your trying to make people think your this well educated well written scholar who trying to write fancy words and paragraphs to make peo

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1 hour ago, SheepChaser said:

From memory I think only a bit of salt and pepper 

Old school, nice.  👍


10 minutes ago, SheepChaser said:

Decided after the bbq chat lunch was a must - took a leaf out of me cain and sharks books and went for various pork and some asparagus and corn 😂 



Love a bit of sparrow grass.  👍

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7 hours ago, Elchapo said:

What a surprise,  would never of expected you and mc Hull to get on so well 🤣🤣

Let’s see you run him this season or mc hull 😂 doubt it 

we’re a pic a what you run el chapo ?? 
another talker and not a Walker 😂 

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