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  1. putting up pms you sent him must be classed a him been abusive or defamatory is it ?
  2. and then me old pal mc hull has been banned chart after he was warmed but didn’t be abusive or defamatory were in this thread after the warning as he continued to be abusive ? and don’t try banning me nicepix he as asked me to talk gospel and put this up he’s sent me
  3. Sandy been running against a pet show Saluki off the couch ? ?
  4. Junkie joe?? lol but aj is a clean athlete?? Lol
  5. I’ll tell you what you never took anything singlehanded I’d be surprised you ever even been out 20 mile 3 dogs 3/4 runs a dog all preban you labour supporter you happy when the ban come in ?
  6. My sleeve don’t come up as quick as your trousers come down when you bending over to take it 20 mile you never seen it because there’s school fields bigger than the land round you small fields for a small minded clown at least you won’t get lost
  7. Benefits a the jab all things I can do once I’ve had it i can already do them now you clown so why the f**k do I need a jab to be able to do what I already can you dropped on head as a baby or what I don’t exercise things mate I stop just em you haven’t even got a dog to exercise em you plum
  8. How is it like saying people can drive without insurance you crank benefits of the jab I give up your a clown
  9. I couldn’t care who has vaccine or not free choice and I want the same in return my own free choice
  10. ?but it’s ok to stop people shopping without a vaccine card ? weres the free choice there you plum jealous of government and pharmaceutical company’s are you all there ??
  11. So abortions killing a baby is ok but smoking isn’t and abortions are ok because people are entitled to there choice but it’s ok to force people to have a COVID jab you are bombed out in the head
  12. Big useless lumps money making exercise ?
  13. Ye I’m riddled with all sorts ? I’d just have day out mate I only have one feathered lol ive had half bred mate could stop hares just not the real strong uns mate but a demon on the lamp and good sport in the day why you feeding it if it’s not worth feeding ? ?
  14. Exactly and 100 percent true but if we’re both there we see what catches what mate eyes don’t lie ? I’ve never had Facebook ever mate ? you aren’t another without a runner are you ?? Faacking he’ll mate you’d think I had COVID the way you don’t want to be near me ?
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