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Season approaching!

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This is always a good topic to put your feet up pour a cider or two and read the bullshit of 15 mile behind the bike and 10 mile walk a day ? Come on let’s have a starter for ten ? Mchull where a

It's on the cards, remind me in August.

Not one to shit stir but Mc said if you had dogs that could catch owt you's wouldn't be overrun with game....

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1 hour ago, king said:

? and lads talking about the season approaching ? enjoy the warm wind when it's here ?

Be suns out guns out ??pal top up tan time plenty of bbq ? time if ya like a drop of pop ? get it down ya relax before the storm ??


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8 minutes ago, Greb147 said:

Yep, the good old Saluki would drop dead after a hour. ?

? yes suppose your right mate they’ve  never followed  a horse all day ?then Arab horse only cover 30 mile a day I so across desert  they can’t go half a day without a drink I don’t think ? ?

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3 minutes ago, Gospel said:

Husky might cover abit more mate I don’t dispute that by 70 mile Or so ? ?and be able to pull you bk to motor when knackered 5 mile in ? ?

I've got a greyhound x alaskan husky lined up, best out of 20 yeah? 

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