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Bull and wheaten types

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20 hours ago, jackthelad said:

That big black dog of mines got knocked clean out with a Hoove to the nut got up like a punch drunk boxer ... shit myself .... she’s turned into a nice strong bitch dc eh

She's real easy to get along with,  bombproof around other dogs and stock, the only thing let's her down is her fascination with cats🙈and geese etc... Will steal food, had a few roasts on a sunday😁She has a habit of going deaf and running off into the distance if there's other dogs around... Puts folks on edge when she's bounding up to play with their dogs lol, but she's never no trouble even when they start, she's back at my side, still very puppyish tbh.. started shooting a catty at the start of lockdown to make our walks more interesting... She picked it up straight away, trees and marks stuff, don't range away from you. I'm more than happy with how  she's coming along, will use her to her strengths... My days of kennels full of dogs are gone, what I got here now can grow old, if they don't break, I can live with a few faults, Nothing's perfect👍

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Brothers.  Wheaton bull grey 

Few I bred, used to own, and still have... All wheaton/bull crosses👍

Wheaton bull grey x deer grey Doing what is asked of her 👌

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1 hour ago, longers01 said:

He likes teeth he is about 21 he been a good little dog he 9 now 10 in April put him to a 3/4 whippet bedlington earlier in the year but bitch only had one pup atb longers01 




Thanks for replying to my questions mate hes a lovely dog, have a couple of Wheatons must try that cross one day. 

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