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Turning in to a beauty let’s see some more bedlington xs

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In her prime; Now almost 15; Cheers.

Here’s mine 8 years old now and pretty much retired with Arthritis and a supposedly dickie heart. Bedlington Bull Greyhound, decent enough in his day and still has a fantastic nose on him. The picture

my old beddy bull grey bitch 23tts...loved teeth and could fill a freezer, could turn her hand to anything you showed her... had some serious stamina for a small bitch👍

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7 hours ago, Loton Moocher said:

Oh yes silly me scotland is where they have artifical cows its milton keynes that has white hares ? Didnt plummer get big hauls with his white gsd dogs in milton keynes ?

Meet than man did you see him get them with his white dog ?

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21 minutes ago, Loton Moocher said:

No thankfully i didnt ? Your are blessed up there to have so many conies running about where other parts the numbers are struggling ?

Struggling up here in areas as well doesnt help with the summer hunters killing rabbits just now 

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1 hour ago, Loton Moocher said:

How are the two dogs at the top bred.bud they look to. Very strong beddy looks ?

Beddy whippets no fancy names just workers guy had the line going for a long time from ireland mainly used for fox 

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