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Turning in to a beauty let’s see some more bedlington xs

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1 hour ago, Marvel said:

how dose it compare to a first x, size,pace,coat, ability?

She's only young yet, time will tell....

Her coat is work, gets knotted up and when it rains holds the wet. Looks good though!

She's a fast and nimble runner, when it all clicks as she matures I'm sure she will be very capable.

As for pace, she's got one speed, flat out, not really got gears like my other bigger mut. She is very quick on the turn though and she's definitely fast enough for the job.... 

Size wise she's 18/19" tts. 


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In her prime; Now almost 15; Cheers.

Here’s mine 8 years old now and pretty much retired with Arthritis and a supposedly dickie heart. Bedlington Bull Greyhound, decent enough in his day and still has a fantastic nose on him. The picture

my old beddy bull grey bitch 23tts...loved teeth and could fill a freezer, could turn her hand to anything you showed her... had some serious stamina for a small bitch👍

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Little ferret trip to mop up a few stragglers I’m not really a ferreting man these days I’ve pretty much jacked on ferreting as I find it boring tbh stood about like a Wolly as there’s not a lot of rabbit Warrens active enough to ferret an make a trip out of worth while it’s just pockets of rabbits id much rather lamp em it’s just this little spot I ferreted has been hard to clear on the lamp they don’t wanna hang about the minute the beams on em they don’t even offer a run they know what the lamp is an it wasn’t my doing I think road siders have been trying there luck the owner wanted them gone as his crop as stated coming through an the rabbits are starting to tucking in to it


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16 minutes ago, gaza said:

Average to good bag round me poxon. Going to give it this season then might do the same if not worthwhile, give the stinkers away. Ferreting a riding school local this weekend. 

Over the last 7yrs ferreting as just got worse an worse it’s become to much effort round here there’s no numbers about 3yr ago I got rid of all mine I do miss the days of a good ferreting trip on permission and I liked keeping my own breeding of ferrets but to keep em an not have enough work for em was a no from me it wasn’t viable to keep em no more so they went sadly. I have got use of a hob any time I wanna use him to keep him active he’s a decent hob tbh he’s a medium size shifts rabbits an don’t lay up I’ve a few more little trips this season for the hob👌🏽Good luck for the weekend mate hope your lucky 

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