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Turning in to a beauty let’s see some more bedlington xs

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In her prime; Now almost 15; Cheers.

Here’s mine 8 years old now and pretty much retired with Arthritis and a supposedly dickie heart. Bedlington Bull Greyhound, decent enough in his day and still has a fantastic nose on him. The picture

my old beddy bull grey bitch 23tts...loved teeth and could fill a freezer, could turn her hand to anything you showed her... had some serious stamina for a small bitch👍

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On 31/05/2020 at 20:26, chartpolski said:

My old bitch Delta's sire was Flynn, a first cross Beddy/Grey from Heartbreak Fell Kennel.

Im sure Pat won't mind me putting up a couple of pre ban pics of the dog;




Flynn and Delta;


Flynn, Delta and Saddle;


Delta, Beddy/Grey x Deer/Grey/Whippet.

Saddle, Beddy/Grey x Saluki/Grey.



Cracking dogs 👍

Like that first dog .

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On 14/06/2020 at 19:24, welshphil said:

Dug out a couple of pics of a couple of my old dogs - litter brother and sister with a fair chunk of beddy in them. Not particularly good quality pics as they were taken with a crappy old mobile. 😀

Maddie 1.jpg

Maddie 2.jpg

Trev 1.jpg

Trev 2.jpg

Was this the bitch you had from John in Neath?

I had one out of the same litter as you years ago.

She was a brilliant lurcher, how did yours turn out?


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