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Pure beeds where would you be without them ?

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21 hours ago, chartpolski said:

Interesting, in Arabic the words saluki and sloughi are the same, have the same meaning, just pronounced differently in North African Arabic and Gulf Arabic dialects. Just like for "chicken", an Egyptian will say "dégag" and a Saudi will say "dejaz", but they understand each other.

Forget Google, every Arab enthusiast I've met will say the saluki and sloughi are the same, the differences are cosmetic due to selective breeding for their area. 

Plus, because of trade routes etc, the Saluki, sloughi, azawakh, tazi, Afghan will have been traded and inter bred for centuries. The galgos was more than likely taken to Iberia by the moors.

Bit pointless quoting DNA and Google.

Just my opinion, of course ?


But genetics don't lie, much as we all thought Greyhounds where ancient and decended from saluki types genetics now gives us better knowledge. That same genetics tell us that salukis and sloughi have very different root stock. The old fella that knows cause he heard is often wrong and old wives tales much the same. Linguistics is interested but rarely reliable,  in Spain a galgo means greyhound for greyhound, saluki and galgo but they know the difference.

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A step in the right direction in Hungary.

from a friend on facebook.

A short update about the legalization of hare hunting with Magyar Agars in Hungary:
As most of you may know, hunting with sighthounds has been prohibited in Hungary since WWII. The legislation has changed very slowly in recent years, and finally, from this year it is legal and possible to hunt hare, red fox and golden jackal with Magyar Agars under very strict rules. The first exam - in 74 years - to qualify as „agarász” ( = person who hunts with sighthounds) was held yesterday, where 16 people took the exam successfully. Two more exam opportunities are due next week.
What is necessary in order to hunt with a Magyar Agar legally in Hungary:
- take a state hunting exam (shooting practice and exam are not necessary)
- take an additional exam to qualify to hunt with MA
- with these 2 exams, the person can get a hunting permit
- the dog must pass a hunting ability test (VAV) specially for MAs.
There are two types of the hunting ability test. The „artificial” one is very similar to a coursing, with the dogs chasing an artificial lure in pairs. The „live hare” version is a real hunting situation, where the dogs chase live hares in their natural environment. This can only be held during the hunting season of the hare (October - December).
So how does this affect the international MA community?
- As the Magyar Agar is originally a hunting breed, it is hoped that the hunting ability will be taken into consideration when making decisions about breeding.
- The state hunting exam, and the additional exam can only be taken by Hungarian residents. The VAV test can be taken by any MA (with pedigree or registration papers). So if you wish to try hunting with your MA in Hungary, the dog can take the artificial VAV test with you (its foreign owner), or the live hare VAV test with a Hungarian leader who is authorized to do so (has all the necessary exams). At a hunt, the dog needs to be led by an authorized person, but of course the owner can accompany him/her.
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