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Any need for this

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looks like this bloke is really keen on this item, a real Del Boy. like some sort of market trader or daytime sales Chanel.  The History  of gun making is one of hundreds of projects,  some brilliant and some totaly useless. Even if a project is very good., is it streets better than something that's already out there ?  This is a very American idea of .... I will because I can.  You only have to look at every centerfire cartridge that Remington or Winchester or anyone developed at massive cost and as soon as it I produced some Ralph sees a  need to modify it into some random wildcat round. For what?   Because I  can...... Magnumitus.... SO  probably not.  how long is the barrel ?  AND there is a new colour coming !!! BLACK and SOMETHING ELSE.  👁️👁️

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In the US, there is a following for large calibre air rifles, they have 50 cal which needs to be linked to an air bottle to keep up with the air demand, why, well as meece said, because they can. Is there another reason for these super power air rifles, yes I think there is, firstly these are not designed for the UK or ever will be but there is a learning curve and degree of knowledge gained by producing guns like this in order to develop new systems that will benefit airgun manufacture and the way production takes place. Just remember that in the world of car manufacture, F1 motor racing has proved to be a test bed for new ideas, some of which have are are linking into family car manufacture and certainly in Formula E electric racing cars which have changed beyond belief not that I want an electric car but hopefully you take my point.

Secondly, the quarry in the US is more varied than we have here with people shooting boar / wild hog, deer and many other animals that require greater power than we have available at present other than in prototype guns. Will we ever want or need anything like this here in blitey, no or at least I hope so. There is a desire for power in the US which we don't get involved in over here but if it is for the long term betterment of air rifle manufacture, I am all for it however I will also say that is has no interest to me. 


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An expensive curios imo. I’m not sure what that can do, that a rimfire can’t really, and at greater expense?  I’d have thought that .22 or .25 at around 30-50 ft lbs is where the most useful output is for high powered airguns. Beyond that you’re probably better off with powder burners. Just my opinion.

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You can kill deer with .50 cal air rifles. There are several that have 800 ft lbs with a pellet of over 225grs and some that fire pellets approaching 300gr in weight. Unfortunately they wouldn't be legal over here due to their energy. Also, seem a bit pointless in the UK given they're regulated as firearms. However, I believe in the USA in most states, air rifles don't constitute firearms irrespective of their output which means they are unlicensed. It's not hard to see the attractiveness of a .50 cal with 800ft lbs without a licence.

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Air rifles with enough power for deer hunting and military use were about in the late 1700s and some were repeaters.  It has been disputed , but Napoleon is supposed to have considered them so fiendish that he ordered the execution of any enemy soldier caught carrying one.     Lewis and Clarke used one on their journey across America. 

These things were said to produce 400-500 ft lbs and must have been a right bxgger to pump-up. But in those days people had servants for that sort of thing.😊

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Total wank.. like a javelin and that Jonathon is a tit ! Pointless over here, 30 cal is border line too much. A JSB Mk2 Heavy in .25 will drop rabbits/hares/foxes over here, has a better BC than a .30 44gr JSB and less than half the cost also, ok a little less ft/lb but its definitely not needed, even better hold out for .25 slugs job done...

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