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send my kids to school with rabbit sandwiches..they tuck into squirrel,wood pidgeon,venison and get stuck in with helping me butcher stuff😉

I didn't catch a hundred last season mate but I had a right good time falling over and gerrin lost 

I presume you have read the great game mate I found that a good read.

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Just got story's in really mate about poaching nearly getting caught on big estates by keepers not read it all yet about half way through now lots of different things in there what used to happen to the meat the old butcher down the road in the village it's times long gone but I really like the book and I'm not a reader unless I'm intrested about it so not many books out there for me 

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13 minutes ago, two crows said:

is it new, and does anyone know them, don't quite get the greyhound thing if your a poacher proper they no good to you at all, might be a good read though.

its a good read but I wouldn't call them good poachers. more shooting than anything. 

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6 minutes ago, fred90 said:

Gloucestershire mate. 

Cheers mate. Only an old mate of mine who last time I spoke to him told me he was in the process of writing a book about the same though its about south Yorkshire as I gave him some of my old newspaper clippings from the past.

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