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First one in the new mark4/ tunnel..

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Neighbour's got piles of soil, rubble, broken slabs etc behind his shed and the rats are loving it. They been coming in under his fence and through into mine behind my shed. Shot maybe a dozen in last 6 months with airgun but just not got the time for that so ordered a couple of mark4's. And with the helpful posts of you gents on here.. First one yesterday.











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its a good idea to keep a trap set 24/7 if you neighbours have crap in there garden or even feed the birds  

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On 18/04/2019 at 22:25, The one said:

its a good idea to keep a trap set 24/7 if you neighbours have crap in there garden or even feed the birds  

It is..Few more since! Just when I think that's it.. 




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21 hours ago, davethe said:

Nice.  Any chance of some dimensions for a complete newbie?

Here you go.. 




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    • By Bosun11
      I've recently got hold of a Black Cat trap and was wondering if anyone else was using them?
      If so, what are you baiting them with and how are you setting them up, as i can only find American info on ground squirrels?
    • By GruffaloGriff
      Bought some Victors a while back but never got round to modding them. Had a rat chewing up insulation in the garage this week so it gave me the incentive to get them done.
      Fitted a kill bar and a perspex spring spacer to the traps. Fixed them in a box with a couple of screws so they can pivot out to set them. Just set them so will see how i get on.

    • By micky
    • By Sonny Sixkiller
      This is OUELL RM trap.  Used for muskrats...nethertheless, it has proven itself highly effective in the dispatch of grey squirrels.  These photo are of the RM set with the safety on.  It is shown without it's artificial cedar tunnel.

    • By Sonny Sixkiller
      This trap was introduced by Jordan Budenski around 2014.  Extremely powerful trap... I put rubber bumpers at the end of the channels to protect the kill bar from damaging the metal.  The only down side there is not a saftey.  First known as a the Rat Cracker... now called a Rodent Tank.  In some circles, it is referred to as a "Hell Box".  

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