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After a young dog

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I've a young unspoilt bitch here you can have pal.....save yourself a few grand having one sent over....they all terrier gods on here ,some can even guide the quarry to ground with a selective shot ab

Good old boy DC and don't feck the dog or the man over Mr r3d 👍,if it don't work out for you it goes back is the unwritten rule all gifted terriers come with to US ALL mate.The very best of luck with

black bitch,had rats,been tied up and had a listen,just not had anywhere easy to start her off.lives out,quiet and bombproof with other dogs.ive been given the chance and sorted out over the years....

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2 hours ago, W. Katchum said:

So what is the cost of sending a pup over?

I ent got a clue .ate i emailed a company they emailed me back with the details for another comoany who sent me a 36 page pdf and there was no price ao i generaly dont know but would be expensive i think couple grand and would take like 6 months maybe with quarantine ect 

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2 hours ago, Ace Boone coon said:
2 hours ago, Elchapo said:

Well dc good on you .... and abc for wha t it’s worth good on you too if you were genuinely going to give him a bitch. 

Terrier world is a funny old world . 

Terrier men who don’t use lurcher slag terrier men off who do . Terrier men slag lads off who don’t use bell mans 

terreier men slag each other off on net but nice to them face to face 

how many days a week do you have to dig to terriers and be a TERRIER MAN and not just a man who keeps terriers ...

funny old world ain’t it ...


merry Christmas all ----- I would send him 1 that's why I said would.  Anyone who knows me knows I try hard to be a man of my word.  I'm not good at sugar coating things and lying. DC is the only one so far that is known of at least that offered to give this man a chance and that's a shame at least seeing there is so many folks on here and not just on here that live In his country!  1 guy out of how many?  But you all talk shit about gifting vs selling.  Real funny stuff.  Your country needs more dog men like DC around. 

Other people have offer me pups in private msg im not gona start naming facees and pointing names thats a msg from them to me dc msged me aswell 

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4 hours ago, Daniel cain said:

thank you very much, if your ever in Wales then let me know,we can have a walk out with the dogs or a spot of fishing on the wye👍



I do as it goes often trip back to west wales where i used to live before moving east and i'll be that way come spring for a touch of coastal fishing so i'll deffo be in touch at some point  mate and again,that's a cracking offer and i hope he does you well for it....✌️

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