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Foxpack 2

Started well

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Chicken farm was getting severe fox damage this last few weeks , so after the bad weather me and the farmer decided to try a few spots , 2 nd spot produced old Charlie boy , after 20 minutes Brian bolted it and it was cleanly shot , little bitch and Brian had a rag at the dead fox at the end 




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Second spot of day , nothing , then we done a massive gorse patch , 2 foxes out , one was cleanly missed , one was a gift , but young cows in same field scared it off the beaten track , both be there for another day , 


lirttle dogs getting a worry at end , thanks for reading 👍



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7 hours ago, mighty celt said:

That gorse patch looks a dream to hunt would always hold a few fox id say.fairplay foxpack you have some outstanding land to hunt

It’s a great spot mate , luckily the farmer is a very close friend and gives us full permission on this bank and surrounding area , always a fox in it , dogs have to work hard for them , I’ve had Cubs run round in there for hours before breaking , keeps youngsters on there toes 

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On 02/11/2018 at 19:52, Foxpack 2 said:

Had 2 days with keepers , terriers only, some very hard going , rough ground etc ,couple of tough foxes accounted for !! Ended up with 4 .head keeper was over moon , gave my youngest son full permission to fish his own private pond in summer , 0B73E19C-C4E2-4C4E-BB5E-63ED68F07DEF.jpeg.860cb5fd7fc5b652b82a817ca3628231.jpeg



That's a result for the young lad foxpack

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Out first thing this morning on my own , absulotly soaked to skin , checked a few spots all empty , don’t know till ya go !!




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