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Foxpack 2

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21 hours ago, FKOF said:

Life's to short lads like you said common interest. Both passionate about are bushing dogs. I'd love to post some of my outings but you never know who's watching. I put 3 up 5 mins from my house yesterday first time I've been there carn't beat the sound of the hounds love it...Alb for rest of the season lads

I'm the same would love to post about outings with pics and write up its not worth the hassle thou with all thieving c**t robbing dogs over here.

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Day out with mate who shepherds on a fell , he had been seeing good few foxes about , first spot we struck 2 close to each other , one made good his escape using a river bank to his advantage, gun cou

Day started off wet , nothing in first few spots and was ready to throw towel in . But decided to do a shore line full of whinny patches etc , wind was howling off the sea and I didn’t have much hope

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11 minutes ago, mighty celt said:

I'm the same would love to post about outings with pics and write up its not worth the hassle thou with all thieving c**t robbing dogs over here.

I understand your fears about dog thieves  but a few pics of your dogs in the middle of a field would take some tracing to your back door wouldn’t it? Or am I a bit slack when it comes to technology.

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Have no problem with pics of dogs.its the write up telling  people your business and game your knocking over only invites unwanted attention pal.

You never no who is on here reading your posts pity really have to think like this but it's the way it's gone today

.not saying no more on the matter don't want to hijack foxpack thread.

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On 12/01/2019 at 17:04, Foxpack 2 said:

Had a day out with keepers bad weather really ,new to the area so we had 3 foxes out ,all got away .we know no which way they want to be going ,had 1 to ground in afternoon ,bolted and shot. Little Brian dog done well .again.





Some nice tierra 

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My good mate who is the hill shepherd sorted a day out for us today, great day for hunting and all dogs done brilliant,  real hard going for them 2 out and 2 shot ,happy farmer ,as he gets murdered when lambing on ,,got another farm to do next door next weekend ,happy days , 





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49 minutes ago, Born Hunter said:

Beautiful country

Was thinking the exact same thing👍 Last fox that got up in front of me and mine was coursed down the hard shoulder of the m5  something I have to be constantly worried about, loads of deer seem to use the motorway as a means of escape as well, someone I know had there dog rescued from the centre reservation a few years back after bringing the motorway to a standstill, so it's lovely to see miles of rolling countryside without houses or roads 🐺🐺

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On 12 January 2019 at 17:05, Foxpack 2 said:


Those two Black and Tan dogs you have there, is that the same dogs that were looking for a new home on here a while back as there owner was off on an enforced holiday for a while???

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