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Anybody running racey saluki bull grey

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Is anybody currently running or had experience with a very racey saluki bull grey? Most saluki bull greys I see are built just like a bull grey with a dash of saluki but I’d like to know how a dog bred for example saluki grey x 3/8 5/8 bull grey would do as an all rounder excluding them things 

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There’s 3, bred all different ways. Bottom one saluki bull grey  x saluki bull grey back to bull grey. Second one saluki grey x bull grey. Top one saluki bull grey x saluki grey

there handy enough animals.

Saluki bull grey 

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Oreet lads My dogs tied the other week wasn't planned and did best to keep apart why she was on heat but he's a sal bull grey a verry racy type loves to run got a good few bunny's under his belt n one a the reds and the bitch is a sal greyhound verry fast bitch done all bar the black n whites (not my kinda sport) what will be the outcome of theese dogs be in like a percentage he only has a drop of bull in him maybe 1/4 atb 

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24 minutes ago, Lurcherdog96 said:

How you boys find em day/night?

I didn't have mine from a pup got him at 18months fast as lightening but recall wasn't there and to be fair he did what he wanted but put game in front of him and he was locked on 

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