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So missus text about an 11 month old bull x that the owner had a split from her partner and is left with the dog in a 1 bed flat with no garden. Missus wants it but I have 3 dogs already but now I know about it I feel guilty knowing that it's probably not being cared for properly and has nowhere to just got for a piss. What on earth made them think it's ok to have a dog in a one bed flat with no garden is beond me. So now I'm wondering do I take this dog on save it from ending up in the kennels and take a chance that it may be ok. Some people really fcuk me off wouldn't be surprised if it' been from pillar to post already! 

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Maybe take it on with the intention in mind to find it a home with a more capable owner than it already has . Could keep it for 6 months to a year before passing it on.  Granted that's a bit shit on the dog being passed around but those 6 months with you will be much better than 6 months with them. And who knows , it could be a top dog lying dormant 


Flip side is if you pick up every dog people are crap with you'll be wall to wall in shit and most likely any others need rehominvg youll get the call because people will know you will take it . 



Personally if it was me I'd take it on if I had space/money . It would bug me for ages and more so if some toerag had it and was worse than original owners 

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Personally, I would probably take it on whilst looking for a new proper home for it. That's provided your financially ok to do it bud.


be surprised, I have a mastiff x Great Dane, it was in a one bed flat on the 9th floor in central London ! Dickheadsdidnt realise how big it would grow when they bought her as a puppy.


some folk ain't safe with a paper bag let alone an animal.

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I was a bit the same with running dogs I used feel guilt for not being able to help but I rule with my head not my hart these days or else I’d have to many dogs in my possession with to many problems I personally think yourd clearly be taking on there problem if they can’t be assed with the dog via there seperation they more than likely couldn’t when together and any bad habits or traits this dog has could easily be passed on to your pack 

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is the dog being neglected though ? Mine can hold his piddle for bloody hours and has a routine and if he does get caught short he goes to the door. In Fact in bad weather I have to lever the sod out the door :laugh:
We have a house but his area is the front room and kitchen 

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