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Couple Weekends Ago In Dorset

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Cheers for the reminde Tim - it was a hell of a result after a windy washout of a day. It got to the stage where it was doubtful wed even see a deer let alone one that was shootable. Heard a bit of whistling but nothing too committed. Towards the end of the day we spotted the stag you see on the right of the pic some fair way off that went to the middle of a field and couched up. Got to within 400m of it which was a close as possible without being in plain sight and had to hatch a mission impossible style approach to get within shooting range. Got to within 170m away getting scratched and stung to buggery in the process and got comfortable for a sitting shot when he eventually got up. Whoop in the chest and after a short run he piled up.




Unbeknown to me Tim had venture up the hill after a pair of whistling stags hed heard but came back to give me a hand to find my stag after seeing it run out of view. After finding it and a bit of puff dragging it to a gralloch spot he back off up the hill. Id didnt hear the shot but caught the WooHoo!! on the breeze and hed grassed a fantastic stag that came crashing through the gorse to his call



We were both made up - Tims stag went 130lb on the hook and mine 120lb.


Diving with death on the boil out! Your stag for when I next see you mate.





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