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Presa Canrio Pup About 8 Months Old

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Right. Some questions.

It is a dog.

The ears aren't cropped.

I got the age wrong it is only 6 months old

It is showing some promise barking and guarding but it is a pup

The sire and dam as well as pups didn't look like some of the giant pit bulls I see on Google.



Bought from a bloke in Gloucester way. He said it came from Spanish imports.

I don't necessarily believe this.

But he did seem to be into protectio dogs.


I an just trying to save it from going into a shelter and I can't take it. The misses is a flat out no.


I am including a picture of the adult with the bloke in trackies.

This isn't related but what the sire and dam looked like.


The rest are of the pup.

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