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  1. TerrierKie

    uk wild boar distribution

    Forrest of dean have a quite big population of boar
  2. TerrierKie

    Truck full

    Looking good mate top pack atb
  3. TerrierKie

    Pic of the Pup

    Cheers mate and I’ll have a scout through me fone for ya
  4. TerrierKie


    Pic from yesterday 6 month old
  5. TerrierKie

    stolen terriers

    Some scummy C#NTS about mate hope you get them back too many jealous bums out there
  6. Yes mate I’ve found my 2 very rustic and overall healthy and robust fairly good to train quick to learn and eager to obey and please a lot of people’s perceptions of the breed can differ I’ve always found with my 2 the litters I’ve bred & other Presa Canarios I’ve met to be very strong willed and upfront but very stable with it and under control it always comes down to the training put in I belive and I’d love to travel to the islands and see them in there native country of origin
  7. Cheers mate appreciate it if your gonna own any dog especially a dog of this size time n efforts key to the final product I belive
  8. Yeah I get what your saying mate they are very big and strong and can cause serious damage I’ve found them to be great dogs tho I have put some good work in on command and recall happy with the training
  9. Never personally seen 1 of these there Ment to be strong headed dogs tho
  10. A lot of good working breeds have been ruined by money hungry show offs & yes I agree mate I took a lot of time and serious thinking when I paired both my bitches with the Studs pretty happy with what they produced very sturdy and level headed dogs
  11. There’s them both together not a lot of difference in height but cropped bitch thicker set & bigger head both strong and able tho I rate a well bred Presa very highly both have produced some great pups few are in work and all seem to be great Family guardians
  12. I have the 2 mate 1st I had was bred over here in UK she’s athletic as hell n makes her self heard this 1 in the pics was from Romania 5 this year never let me down knows her job well and as strong as they come presa’s seem to be becoming the overbred Mastiff these days I think every1 at it without breeding for specific traits more for looks and money
  13. Old topic I know but here’s my bitch Callie 1 out of 2 Presa Canarios I own great guard dogs
  14. TerrierKie

    Terrier bloat

    Ye it’s only when cooked mate I’ve never had any problems with raw feeding it’s done my dogs great 3/6 of mine are raw fed