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Looking For Doxhope Deerhound X Greyhound Stud Heard They Are Excellent Lines

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1 hour ago, grompz said:

i was looking for a genuine deerx grey last year, when i lost one of mine to bloat, was in touch with a lad  in northumberland, same bloke that bred chartpolski bitch,unfortuanetly due to certain circumstances failed to get a pup from him,maybe worth giving gin on here a  shout, very helpful lad, ended up getting a nice 11th gen bred pup from dave, great condition and healthy, always found dave, adecent bloke, speak of folk as i find them, dont know if alan charles, from soutern ireland still breeds deerxgreys, heard good reports, but never seen any of his stuff in the flesh, sadly a breed now that isnot highly favoured by a lot of lurcher men, if you can get the right stuff, they may not be world beaters,but will take most edibles.

My cousin runs 2 bitches out of daves stuff and they do him fine ,always found dave to be helpful and a gent 

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I quite like 'em ? Cheers.  

Used Deerhound hybrids for years,...back in the day, it was all that we had....?  

Sounds a considerate fella

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1 hour ago, riverliver123 said:

Is Dave Platt still breeding? 

yes dave is still breeding,think he does couple of litters a year, often has an ad in cmw,always been  agood genuine man to me,alwayswilling to help folk out, cant complain about the man or his dogs, just my honest opinion.

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Wouldn’t entertain deerhound x these days, I’ve had and worked doxhope,cookland & platt for years and all failed out in the field for the quarry we was running, I’ve seen numinous amounts of them fail throughout the years, not make the grade and the ones that did was just half decent, there’s better breeds to go to imo 

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Bill owned some great working dog's back in the day,top dogman who tested his stock to the hilt..very knowledgeable man when it comes to working dog's,he may no longer be out running the dog's but he achieved more than most when he did,a fellow hunter who I have always respected & looked up to regarding his accomplishments out in the field with his dog's ??

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