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  1. What work has the dog done is he racey type or heavy slow type and how much is the stud fee
  2. He looks a lovely dog any pictures of him side on what exactly is he and how much
  3. Leo you got any pics and I don't want a pure deerhound it would have to be deerhound cross
  4. I would be putting it to my saluki greyhound did it come from doxhope personally and any pictures
  5. A deerhound cross preferably first cross deerhound greyhound or deerhound whippit greyhound
  6. I would travel anywhere in the country or abroad if it is the right animal as I love my dogs and have a great passion for working dogs
  7. Hello I'm looking for a deerhound x greyhound or deerhound greyhound whippit for stud would prefer one that is races not to slow and heavy
  8. I was thinking that as it seemed a very old line or does anyone know of a deerhound x greyhound for stud
  9. Hello guys I'm looking for a first x deerhound x greyhound after doing my research and reading alot of deerhound forums I believe doxhope lines are really good does anyone know if he has any dogs still for stud kind regards
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