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Metal Detecting

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half cut.........

xp deus..like waving a feather about..........


good machine..

Had a few machines over the years, all with the bells and whistles , but never parted with my silver u max , lost count of the number of hammies I've found over the years , still a good machine
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discrim ring pulls at your peril....lol..........you might miss hammered.. learn your machine..  

funnily enough I've just got back into detecting, after a 20yr break, I thought I saw the rakeaboot name on another detecting site, (I'm dexters shed) my first ever find 20yr ago was this, and it's wh

Get yourself a big bag of penny washers and seed the beach.... keep them busy for hours lol

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Know a few the MD club used to meet in my local.

They said it was more interesting (than rewarding) researching the items they found.

Another chap, not a club member lol has found coins he's sold totalling 3 or 4 grand but he's an oil delivery driver and visits loads of farm so he's got lots of permo :D


Cheers, D.

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It's a good hobby


Out in the fresh air

BUT if you think your going to hit it Big youv as much chance winning the lotto

For me it's finding stuff and second guessing who lost it ' how ect ect

You can increase your chances of better finds if you look into the History of where your detecting.

Amen to that,i remember a few years back detecting pattaya beach and repulse bay in honkers in the early hours of the morning,found a few 24k items of jewellery,its all about research.
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Them thai lads who do the beaches will make a few quid I'd imagine .

Them thai lads who do the beaches will make a few quid I'd imagine .

I met one,maybe 10 years back at 2am in the morning,very basic machine BUT his fingers were covered in rings he had found.

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Iv been on quite a few club digs and even massive rallies with my 250 and it always held its own. Of course other detectors are better, just like a purdy is better than a biakal but at the end of the day it's the effort you put in.

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