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Slip Lead Or Not

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I'm a midget and own a deerhound so I'm at a disadvantage

Lads it's not rocket science,,,just let the dog off the slip,,,,and try it,,,it's not majic.......

Much easier and more of a pleasure if you can work the dog off the lead ........


Just wondering how many have actually got down to a dogs eye level to see what they actually see? Not assuming that because they are between five and six feet up that the dog sees what they do?



i agree what your saying if your lamping hilly fields.but if your lamping open flat land I'd say dog sees whats at end of lamp


There is very little actual flat land anywhere, most is either concaved or convexed if it is concaved then the dog can spot just as well as you. However if it is convexed the dog can only see as far as his horizon exactly the same as you, only his horizon is limited because of the dogs height



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A few facts about training a dog to work off the lead. It takes time, and there will be accidents along the way. Over the years I have found it better to ignore the accidents and concentrate on the positives. I would not try and presume to try and tell you how to train your dogs, other than to say dogs pick up things quicker than you think.


If you have never worked a dog off a slip before, you would not believe how much more pleasurable it is, no faffing around at gates or fences, both hands free, plus the added bonus that the dogs get to learn that when they are on the lead everything is out of bounds. The list of the benefits is endless.



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Long and short of it both are tried and tested, there is no right and no wrong it's a preference.

True without a doubt, I just know what I prefer having tried both. In fact I still have the only slip lead I bought back in 1977. I used it for about 6 months on my first lurcher and it has been hanging around since then. What a waste of £3. :laugh:



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