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Working Airedale Terriers


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Just to let people know ,I have been asked to post this on behalf of jreathdog,(Ian) he is experiencing problems with his computer, it has crashed, and he is unable to reply to people, so anyone who has tried to contact him via pm or is awaiting a response to any question in particular ,he sends his apologies, he is trying to sort the issue,



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This Post is to clarify that Airedales are being worked in the field today here in Northern Ireland and I aim to outline their function within the pack.   In N.I./R.O.I. the "Working Airedale" is cl

only pics i have of my airedales all redline us bloodlines

None of my dogs have papers, this was not planned it just is how it is.   I have my own view on KC registered dogs:   Yes, there are KC lines that show less of the raw hunting instincts that we re

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Hi Paul

good to know you are doing well where you are have you noticed any change in bear and lion numbers since they started up all that work there I did see on big game board there was somebody that posted a pic with a good size lion it made me wonder if that was you ?,as for me I am ok just have to go back every 6 months for check up but all ok in the last 2 1/2 years, I have not been posting anywhere with all my problems and have only just started to look on the boards I go to, where do you fish grayling I used to fish around fox creek and always did well

take care


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Hi Ian,


Bear and Cat numbers are definitely up...........I think cat numbers are about to crash as the deer population is definitely down.

I've just finished deer and moose season (3 deer 1 moose) I have an elk draw for early December round the spirit river area (don't know if you know that area?) but have a lot of meat laid away already so don't know if I'll bother.

Cat season is open now, so I'm going to be running them as often as I can................I have a young Airedale and a young hound that needs a solid cat season behind them.

There are three streams within a quad ride that I can catch grayling in...............just quad up the stream side, fish the pool, catch and move on up stream..............you can guess how many bears I run into doing this! lol.............its an easy way to start a young dog.

How are the pups you took overworking out?

Did you get the interest you expected?

Seems to me that some people want them to be a hairy bulldog?

I think if the right people got hold of them, they would make a handy dog for bushing / ferreting / retrieving.

I know I will always have one kicking around................just doesn't seem right without one lying at my feet.

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all the dogs that came back with me did good put the younger ones still need work I did do a few right ups for full cry you may have seen ,the best of the dogs is the large slick stretch he runs better and faster than the others and to me is the better size that I like that is not saying that the smaller one's are not good as I believe they both have there place, when I got back here I was asked by lots of people to do a breeding as people wanted to try them out which I did in total I did 5 breeding's (40 pups)which I placed in all different hunting places to give the Airedale its best chance but it did not work out people seemed to forget what the Airedale was and tried to put it into one job and that is not what the airedale is as it cant beat a dog that's been breed for that job only ,I know like you that since an Airedale came into my life I will never be without one till i'm gone ,I look back as breeding these pups as a total waist of time and dogs and have said I will not breed again to waist more dogs ,what you have said about the hairy bulldog is right people don't know where to place the airedale and the only terrier near to it is the wheaten which is why they think of a draw dog but the Airedale is far more than that ,in all of the dogs I breed there is only a few which I think the owners get the dog the best is the one person that has been talked of on here that is now a good friend of mine called martin ,until far more people get what benefits the Airedale can give the hunter to me there is no point in doing more as I have said before they have forgotten what they where breed for



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HI there thanks to fowhound45 for putting all about the AIREDALES and to SKYCAT I LIVE IN AUSTRAILA and i work my show bred Airedales use them on the fox as cover dogs i have 5 dogs all up . got 4 young dogs just starting my main bitch whos 7 works well for my stags . just love all dogs working as what they were bred for .. cheers MARK

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I have been working large terriers for over 20 years but Airedales only 2 years now. I plan to make working pups available for working homes but trying to find the rough coated male I need is nearly an impossible task. I was recently quoted £500 for stud fees from a breeder that I wouldn't even deem the male to closley suitable........I kindly rejected the offer.

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