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  1. Paul stretch was out of (Drenon's kelly aire / female) owed by Pete Cantrell a native bear and lion hunter that that Bob McCellen knows and (high country kelly /male) also owned by Bob McCellen that you know that is also a bear and lion hunter Ian
  2. Paul all the dogs that came back with me did good put the younger ones still need work I did do a few right ups for full cry you may have seen ,the best of the dogs is the large slick stretch he runs better and faster than the others and to me is the better size that I like that is not saying that the smaller one's are not good as I believe they both have there place, when I got back here I was asked by lots of people to do a breeding as people wanted to try them out which I did in total I did 5 breeding's (40 pups)which I placed in all different hunting places to give the Airedale its best
  3. PMuL Hi Paul good to know you are doing well where you are have you noticed any change in bear and lion numbers since they started up all that work there I did see on big game board there was somebody that posted a pic with a good size lion it made me wonder if that was you ?,as for me I am ok just have to go back every 6 months for check up but all ok in the last 2 1/2 years, I have not been posting anywhere with all my problems and have only just started to look on the boards I go to, where do you fish grayling I used to fish around fox creek and always did well take care Ian
  4. PMul good post about time somebody said what the airedale is as this is what it was breed for from the start a good alrounder one that when it got on hot scent would get you game and it could be used for all hunting everbody in the uk wants to put the airedale in a box where they know there is always a better dog for the job they dont see its use as a good alrounder where there is no another dog that i know would beat it for its alround use ,are you in alberta or bc just out of interest ?
  5. the airdale is used in a pack to be the one that would go in when others would not and to put more pressure on bears or lion to get it treed the one other thing the airdale adds to the pack is its brain .how do you think the dogs you have said would be as no stupid dog would last long and some could just run away when faced with big game coming at them also us breeders dont breed to say out of harms way they breed for brains which means going in when you will not get killed and working as a pack ,and if working with one when the one that can go in will (usualy `the one at the back of the game
  6. just to let you know that i sent 4 redlines to ireland 2 slicks and 2 longcoats 3 of them a person on here should know about and i also know of 1 other that went out another longcoat that was from 4 wasted pups that i gave a minkhunting pack that never got worked ,the last 2 dogs you should look on the traditional working airedale website as the two owners have posted on there these are the only redlines i know of that went to ireland Ian
  7. only pics i have of my airedales all redline us bloodlines
  8. the traditional airedale and the redline are the same dogs long and short coated as both where found in the same litters but the short coated where never seen as they would be put down by the kc breeders as they only liked the long coated dogs even when the short coated omes are a better working coat ,the old working airedales from the past are still there in the us dogs as yhey came from the old english dogs and they have kept these dogs working in the us which are the redlines that are over here now ,and long and short coated can be in the same litter and can both hold the kc papers ,but not
  9. stevemac they do not open up on a trail only when they get to game and i have never heard of one haveing problem on hogs from the guys that use them in the us they have a very good brain and use it, i am not sure weather any of the hunting aredales went out there by you but i can remember ( i think ) that frosty was offered a dog if he wanted to have it dont know what happened ?, you should go on to a couple of the us broards and ask them there about that type of hunting
  10. rc1 nice pics i was wondering how that breeding turned out the dogs i have all have henry johnsons dogs in them mostly from matts side as i think you know matt and henry are good friends
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