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i thought i would put this video in the rimfire section as well as the night vision section as it crosses both categories.

we were out for nights shooting rabbits with our .22lr's mine a CZ 452 with Boyd's stock and micks a ruger 77/22

we ended up with 160 rabbits by the end of the night.

The mist kept coming and going so it made for difficult filming with night vision so apologies in advance for the odd fuzzy shot.

all the rabbits were head shot as they were going to the game dealers in the morning as soon as we had finnished.






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I think it would be a much more popular thread if you posted it in the lurcher section :-) Busy old session that is !!

Lol, yeah your right enough, how daft of me, lol

i thought i would put this video in the rimfire section as well as the night vision section as it crosses both categories. we were out for nights shooting rabbits with our .22lr's mine a CZ 452 with

Thanks lads

yes we have loads of rabbits and its a right task controlling them because they are not all in one spot they are spread over hundreds if not thousands of acres.

its just a small matter of working your way round them and remembering to give each farm a fair go to keep them at a reasonable level.

but it is bloody hard work you are completely knackered in the morning.




(Rabbit Destroyer,Rat Destroyer,Pigeon Destroyer,Crow Destroyer)

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you don't always see them outside allot will be underground.if there is a warren or family of rabbits there will be loads but what happens is they move onto other areas because one garden cant support a family of rabbits.

bearing in mind according to Chris Packham one pair of rabbits can become after only one full year one hundred rabbits.

imagine what a problem we have got.



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Fantastic shooting guys. I thought I was doing well with this lot from a new permission this week.




This was my first visit to this one acre paddock behind the farmer's house, where the ground has been ruined by rabbits. I started off with my Magtech 7022 semi auto .22 lr and mopped up with my CZ 452 HMR. I rested on a fence and was finished in about five minutes. The hard part is collecting and paunching, You must have been at that all night. Exhausting.

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