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I'm down to my last pasty, only shooting big rabbits at the moment for sale. I've sold another 18 this week. When I get down to the smaller bunnies, it'll be pie and pastie time. That new permission a couple of weeks ago, has spread to two others down the lane and another owner wants to talk. She has apples for my cider making too.

It didn't take long for the surviving rabbits to get jumpy. I have a quick walk round with the .22lr semi auto, get two, or three, then it's back to long range stake outs with the HMR. Enjoy the pasties. Ken

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I think it would be a much more popular thread if you posted it in the lurcher section :-) Busy old session that is !!

Lol, yeah your right enough, how daft of me, lol

i thought i would put this video in the rimfire section as well as the night vision section as it crosses both categories. we were out for nights shooting rabbits with our .22lr's mine a CZ 452 with

Morning Ken

I pick up another permission yesterday a teacher that works with my sister wants me to go out into her village and shoot rabbits for her.

she as got horses so i am hoping like you she has friends that have horses and want there bunnies bashing.

its a village i have been trying to get into for years but i have never knocked on any doors there because i knew if one said no they would of all said no.

so i am now glad i waited strange how things happen sometimes.



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Hi Ken

i went to make some pasties today went the fridge and the block of pastry add gone and i am not good with pastry not had much experience so i gave up i was gutted.

i even bough some really nice chorizo. :cray:

do you have a simple but effective pastry recipe that a novice can make



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Sorry Daz,

I've just read your post. The pastry recipe and method are on my pasty blog. http://www.urbanfieldsportsman.com/index.php/rabbit-and-pigeon-pasty-with-chorizo/ I'm no chef, but it's easy to do. Just measure out the quantity of flour, sprinkle the salt over, then rub in the cubes of butter with your fingers. It will go like bread crumbs. Then add water in small quantities, working it into a ball. If you put in too much water and it goes sticky, just sprinkle over some more flour. This mix makes biggish ball, that's why it needs to be divided to make it easier to roll out. Once you've done it, you'll wonder what all the fuss was about.


I'm still getting plenty of rabbits off this land, but I'm now having to stalk them. All good fun.

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was there many rabbits to start with on your new permission.

i have new permission i only got conformation today its only small but there is a field at the back of it full of rabbits so it should produce regular rabbits.

i went to one of my new permission the other day i couldn't believe how hard it was because we had to walk the land and most of it is lit up like a christmas tree from the manor house.

the field is still being left in stubble so its a nightmare walking quietly well for me anyway.

but we ended up with 4 and one lost.

i thought i would make some pasties with the bought pastry i had in the fridge until i looked and it was gone.

i am going to be brave and have a go at making my own pastry

thank you


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Hi Daz,

These new permissions I am now treating as one. The original farm with the 1 acre paddock and about 30 acres edged by woodland and a scrapyard. A private house with an acre garden and orchard with a 10 acre paddock backed by scrub land. Another farm with 150 acres, small fields, paddocks and barns over various terrain, covering small gullies and valleys. The small farm and private house have already commented on the lack of rabbits on view, while at the larger farm, I am working out from the farmhouse, where the owners are also pleased with the results so far. Due to problems with travellers in the past, lamping attracts a visit from the police, so it's all afternoon til dusk work. The first two are almost sorted and the third it's a case of finding the pockets and whittling away with the HMR at range. So far I've shot over 60 in three weeks. Out again today.


Get your fingers in that mixing bowl, it's good therapy. Ken

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Hi Ken

your obviously doing a good job of keeping the rabbits down to get recommended well done.

we use .22lr because we are not shooting any more than about 70 ish yards and its a lot cheaper and very accurate if set up correctly at these distances plus its quiet.

different game dealers give different prices but you are only talking about 80p medium - £130 large but price alters all the time.

price comes down if theres a glut.

to be honest even the amount we shoot we don't make allot of money it covers our ammo and fuel and food split

between 2 of us its very hard work and not many people would do it regularly for the money.

we are out working none stop for 14 hours.

at the end of the night you are properly knackered.

good to see some others are out all night keeping the pesky numbers down. good work lads, shame the price you get is so low .

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Yes games dealers don't pay much and i am guessing butchers won't take to many so when we are shooting hundreds we are sort of stuck between a rock and a hard place.

but it pays for the expenses with enough left over to eat.

we have not been out much recently because the disco has gone to heaven :cray:

mick is sorting a new one out.

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