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  1. Doesn't get much more fun than dropping Canadians! Congrats! Brian
  2. Holy cow! That's more rabbits than I see in a couple of years! Brian
  3. Thanks for the input guys (mates )! Brian
  4. Keep in mind I am a simple American asking this question, but what kind of ducks might you shoot over the course of the year in the UK? I live in Iowa, smack dab in the middle of the States, and right along the Mississippi flyway. Over the course of a season a guy may have a chance at wood ducks, blue and greenwing teal, mallards, widgeon, gadwall, northern shovelers, canvasbacks, redheads, ringnecks, bluebills, buffleheads, northern pintails, and even an occasional black duck. Early in the season it is mostly wood ducks, teal. and some mallards. Late in the season its mostly mallar
  5. Thanks guys! I am sure that I will do more reading than posting, but I appreciate your making me feel welcome. Brian
  6. Yep, that is a typical family over here!!! Seriously, that is some kind of messed up. Talk about twisting the branches in the family tree! Brian
  7. I have been seeing plenty of Canadians, but since I live close to 4000 miles from you gents it will do you no good! Our season locally opens in nine more days... I can hardly wait. I will post up a pick or two then. Brian
  8. Same here in the states. Hunting pressure is heavy, but the best way to get in is to knock on doors until you find an opportunity. It is more difficult to ask in person because of all the rejections, but it is also so much easier to be rejected if you do not. Good luck! Brian
  9. I have seen them done this way, and they are actually pretty cool looking in my opinion. But like Chreos, I still prefer the bleached white look. Brian
  10. Is it alright for someone from across the pond to join here? I visited family in Germany last year and had the chance to go along deer hunting a couple of nights. We only saw a fox, but nevertheless it got me interested in the different styles of hunting overseas. I have been reading a lot of posts, and while I do not always understand your lingo, I am enjoying the insight to your way of hunting. Brian
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