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2 hours ago, Deker said:

They don't look like CZ anymore, shades of the Sako stock.  Even the metalwork looks different!!

All mine are 452 models, can't fault them for field work, so if the 457 is as good/better you are on a winner!


I have a 457 and now a 455 both in hmr. My wmr I had was a 452.

There is honestly nothing between them.

The 452/455 is like an old friend, reliable and familiar, the 457 is the son of but got some of the mother in it!






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    • By Rimfire Rifles Freedom
      Hello all.?
      Just an update as it has been a while.I have been looking for a subsonic .22LR hollow point that shoots well from a cold clean bore and have recently started using RWS subs which do well, typically from the first shot..I have used a few different brands of subsonic H.P.s and they all group quite well after 5 or so fouling shots, but RWS like the cold clean bore,needless to say I am a happy and for me, decent shooting.?.I have used the RWS before in the old Annie 1416 DG and it was equally consistent in that rifle.
      A couple of typical below all from a cold clean bore..My scope is a Hawke Vantage x2 -x7 32mm A.O. with illuminated reticle which is a great field scope but lacks magnification for target shooting so is sometimes difficult to deduce if a shot has been pulled, but I love the scope.
      Have a good weekend all.?

    • By Rimfire Rifles Freedom
      Hi all, just an update.I have had this rifle for over a year now and still really like it a lot. I have not modified it in any way and it is as out of the box.
      It is an easy rifle to shoot well with a pretty good trigger (pulling at 2.6 lbs out of the box and very smooth), accurate, lightweight and utterly reliable.
      I now have the benefit of hindsight and  purchasing this rifle was a good decision and I would do so again absolutely.
      I use an inexpensive but very good Hawke Vantage x2-x7 32mm A.O. scope with an illuminated reticle. I sometimes use a SAK moderator on the gun, a very good mod.
      Have a good weekend.?.

    • By Rimfire Rifles Freedom
      Hi all? My CZ457 Synthetic.This is a good hunting rifle, easy to shoot well and stress free to operate.
      If you have a CZ457 Synthetic please stop by the facebook page 'CZ457 Synthetic, In The Field'.This is a brand new page for owner's of the CZ457 Synthetic.
      Please see the link below.
      Facebook Groups
      WWW.(!64.56:886 CZ 457 Synthetic, In The Field has 21 members. A small , friendly U.K. based group for CZ457 Synthetic owners who enjoy being out in nature hunting / vermin... Thanks?
        P.S. I hope it is ok to post the facebook link.Apologies if not, please delete the link.

    • By Baldcoot
      Well new Pulsar Xq50 from someone called Blackwoods outdoors (Cheers )arrived in the week. Fitted to the Cz452 in .22.
      At work twitch ,twitch tweeetch.
      Weather carp ,forecast carp sod it up to the farm this am .Home made target ,2 pieces of aluminium tape set at 53 metres .
      First shot and not even on the board ??.
      Oh well down to 30m now we're in low and right.Into zero mode adjusting  elevation and windage as per you tube video .
      First shot slightly off ,quick tweak and yeah. Back to the fence and 53 meters, quick 2 shots yeah on target so chuff it and empty the mag  ??.
      Rabbit head size group at this distance is plenty. Had a mooch but no good 7 joggers, countless dog walkers so off home till dark o clock in the week.

    • By Rimfireboy!
      If anyone’s interested, I decided to pattern and compare .22 and 9mm flobert shotshells. Using my 14 inch Anschütz, I shot a .22 Winchester superX #12 shot at a rat target at five yards to see if it would likely be effective at that range. To compare using my 24 inch Manu-Arm bolt action, I shot 9mm fiocchi #6 shot at the same range, and 9mm rws acorn brand #10 at the same range. I went on to extend the range of the 9mm flobert’s at ten, fifteen and twenty yards for comparison. Here’s the results.....

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