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Ratting work

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I am near Lancaster, Lancashire and am looking for somebody to help rid me of the longtails.


I have 4 poultry pens of my own which have alot of vermin nesting around and underneath the sheds.


There is also a 2 acre stable site to work on.


I have been shooting a few rats myself and trapping them but as fast as I am killing nests at my hen sheds they are being taken over with new rats. I only have a little chinese .22 air pistol.


I can lock my hens away any time you choose. (Thursday and Saturdays would need to be arranged)


The only thing I ask is that you teach me a few vermin control ideas /suggestions.


If this appeals please do get in touch, I also have a ferret I would like to learn to handle properly too.


I am a complete newbie to this by the way lol

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sure someone on here will help you out, good offer that, wish you was a bit closer ! good luck getting rid of the things ! got a few chickens myself f*cking rats can be a right pain this time of year ! a.t.b sfa

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Not far from you here, and regularly up at Scorton helping out with vermin control there..got dog/s, smoker etc pm me if you are interested....atb

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Hi, what you want is a good hitting with dogs and smoker, after that you need to buy a .22 air rifle and scope and a second hand night vison and hand held scope, which you attach to the back of your scope altogether should be about £200 after you have hit them hard with dogs, its just a case of going up twice a month at night, thats if there isnt any street lights about, you will wipe them out. You will find a cheap air rifle, for around £100-£125 new, i think they are hatsan or hatson in .25 they absolutly hammer them. You are abit too far for me but if you dont get any help give me a shout. We can do a farm with that system and take 100-200 off per night. Sometimes they disappear when you hit them hard. cheers phil

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HI all,

Thanks, replying to some messages now. I lost the internet for a few days due to the winds etc so sorry for not replying sooner.

I dont know the exact postcode of where my sheds are but a street nearby is LA4 4UJ.

Been killing a few rats but they are all over the stable yard and paddock, menage etc not just my hen sheds, so as you can imagine, as fast as Im killing them the others are taking over the nests and young are being born.

Im not the squeamish sort of lady and dont mind helping out with the killing etc if needed.

Thanks for all the messages, hopefully so of you will want a day out or two, I believe there must be thousands of rats on the yard.

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hi rich i have pm him but no reply thinking he may have someone may be going ratting sunday local farm if your up for it need another terrier to help out give me a ring mate cheers charlie

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are you feeding them before you shoot them? i always found that liquidfied cat food or peanut butter worked great.get them used to staying still and licking it up so you know were they are and can get a good shot at them with the air rifle.but if your over run i'd stick with the terrier lads.



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