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  1. Anybody know of a boneman in the north east of England? I am willing to travel tho
  2. good luck with the pup mate, i was tempted for a second, but my dog isnt where i want him to be yet so dont have time for another just yet Barry
  3. I've never been ratting except with air rifles, but that's what I'd expect of a great days ratting! Well done
  4. R.i.p ern, I've never lost a dog in the field so cant imagine how bad you must be feeling. We all know what can happen, but don't think anybody is prepared for when it happens Atb Baz
  5. When i got a lurcher 18month ago I bought a load of books on dog training, I also bought a DVD called purdeys progress, think it's a copy from VHS but it has a lot of good stuff on there. Atb Baz
  6. Now that's a good haul, you've got my Best beat by 71 mines 31. I've got a few spots for next season with potential but don't think they have that much potential tho
  7. That's a good haul mate well done, must of been some good sport to watch. Atb Baz
  8. I don't have one mate sorry, he's said he'll take 60 quid for the pair. Pm me his number
  9. Think I paid just over 35 quid delivered for my bulldog rabbiting spade off eBay. Hope that helps Baz
  10. Hi, A mate of mines got a couple of mounted roe heads on his wall and has decided to part with them. He's open to sensible offers. I don't have any pictures, but anybody interested pm and I and I can put you in touch. Based north east England Thank for reading Baz
  11. I've never wrote a report yet, so think I'll give it a go when I do my last ferreting trip this year. I'll take a few pics aswell
  12. we used long nets last week, half a day 31 bunnies in a few hours, and if we'd more time i think we could of done a lot more
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