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  1. So here goes....... Hi All I'm looking for some pigeon decoying, I'm based in Mansfield (NG20) and willing to travel up to 60 Miles for the right land. I shoot with an PCP Air Rifle as most of the permission I have decoyed, neighbors complained to the farmer about the constant crack of 12 Bores so Air Rifle was only possible. I'm genuine, No Messer and all land and livestock is fully respected. I do plan on recording my shooting as some may know a few years ago I used to make videos for my youtube channel. Most of the land I shoot over the years was other peoples permission that I was kindly granted permission to shoot. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. Its probably worth pointing out that I have my own pressure washing business that covers Solar Panels & agricultural machinery and I'm willing to do free cleans. I'm also a dab hand at Mole Control. Before anyone says Go Knocking Doors etc etc etc i have thanks. Kind Regards Ricky
  2. Sold for £25.... Thanks for pointing that out.
  3. To deliver one of these traps is £3.20 as of new royal mail postage I get charged £10 Delivery for 10 traps... why wouldn't you use these traps?
  4. Tunnel Mole Traps (Proctor) for sale. Great effective traps, been using them for years Brand new in box 10 for £38 Including Delivery Can collect if you wish to save postage NG20 Mansfield other wise PayPal preferred Kind Regards Ricky
  5. Lardy happens to be the first person to let out how these units are made in great detail.. Its the work of Lardy thats upsetting alot of people as hes basicly giving you all the info you need to build your own LED, Search LARDYVISION on Youtube.. Some of the night footage he is getting with his unit and IR is amazing! The whole Cree type IR as been around for time, its how its put together thats making the difference...
  6. Sorry for the very late reply, and thankyou for your offer. I've PM'd you. I thought this topic was deleted or something as i could not locate it I'm always looking for new sport as i enjoy recording the footage, i know it can be hard to gain trust etc but i thought i'd give it a shot none the less. I see myself as a geniun lad and very reliable. If anyone does need a helping hand or knows of a problem that needs cotrolling i'd be happy to help.. Sorry if i've bumped this mods.. Atb Rick
  7. The 808 aint too good for camcorder use... Its ok for the likes of ratting at 20yard but apart from that your goin to struggle if you want good quality viewing, Thats if you use the correct cam.. Its ok for the Yukon as its digi, but the yukons built in 940 is on par... The n550 should pick it up easy enuff but i'd personally go for more power..
  8. Covert is less visable. N1000 would be a better choice
  9. My little possee? You say this as if i've called upon people to turn agaisnt SH. You could'nt be more wrong. This is the doin of his own work.. Many people who i dont even know have had abuse from the guy. The little possee you say is actually general public who as had a bad time with Shite Hunter,,, and it continues to grow... The public are already Judging him in a bad way! If you have had good dealings with him then fair enough.. Or if you like his IR lasers that look like your shining through a gate then good.. I'm glad your an happy customer of his.. I've lost count the amount of replys i've read of his slating the (Ns50/ Ns200/ N550 etc) If he feels this way then so be it.. He's entitled to his own views, but are they for the right reasons?? NOPE.. Mine are... Even if videos prove his units better your going to make enemys slating products that are doin very well. You cant expect members of the public to take abuse from a guy and not say, specially giving this situation. I've said all i need to in other replys.. I've acted upon personal conversation just like others do when experiencing a good deal/sale etc and why not?? I'd rather be warned if a company is dire, I'd like to know what to expect rather than going in blind even if i still purchase from the comany in question.. I'm not asking anyone not to buy from anyone, But in the interest of the public they should be made aware what seems like 50/50 good/bad dealings.. Take it or leave it
  10. I fully understand what your saying with Si & Davy, but like its been stated their grown ups. The problem is it dont just stop with a product.. You could have the best NV product but if you cannot give customer satisfaction than its a waste of time. I quote t Shite Hunter is Damaging his own reputation and whiles he's at it as dragged (Si and DAVYT) with him << Sorry lads, but its true If i must be honest i loved watching your vids (Specially Davyt) with the AA, but i've lost interest with all this Shite Hunter stuff.. Shite Hunter is not customer centric he's not aware of the level of competition and his Digi Unit is no different than what's already been released. He's far from cultivating customer loyalty he don't have a feasible strategy. The guy needs Customer Loyalty, this becomes a virtuous circle after a while, resulting in greater revenue and profit. He's basically trying to run a business on a Rule Of Thumb (Don't Do's) Guarantee. Well,,, according to source, i've heard he will be giving a guarantee. Well i'm sorry, but all of the above is crucial before you make any guarantee to anyone even if its 26days or a year. If Shite Hunter goes out of business say by to your Guarantee. If he's still in business when or if you send back your Unit expect a drunken F**k Off or something along the lines.. You only have to check other forums to see what people put.. Loads have had him ring them back whiles hes drunk and feed them verbal Shite... Now i'm not commenting for the fun of it, but some of this needs to be pointed out for people who are not on other forums. In Antoni's own words people like me and forum mods are TROLS.. Cheers SH
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