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  1. superfurryanimal

    Do Anti Bark Ultrasonic Units Work ??

    she's also f*cking nosey !!!
  2. superfurryanimal

    Do Anti Bark Ultrasonic Units Work ??

    do they actually work ? next door keeps 2 russells that they leave out right by my kitchen window about 6ft away with a small wall between us, anyone walks past and they go bananas barking and its driving me insane, they don't even come out to try and shut them up, I asked the wife if she could move them cause they got a big garden at the back, after a massive argument her answer was that I should shut my kitchen window (in this heat) and that she doesn't give a f**k were her words !! my daughter cant do her homework at the kitchen table cause she cant concentrate so she goes to my parents to study, to top it all off I come home today and they've only gone and bought another russell pup !!!
  3. superfurryanimal

    Isuzu Rodeo Or Mitsubishi ??

    right gents i'm looking to get a double cab 4x4 any of you got any of the above, looking to spend around the £7000 mark I fancy the 3.0ltr Isuzu, just putting the feelers out before I spend my hard earned cash A.T.B sfa
  4. superfurryanimal

    Vauxhall Combo 13 Cdti Gear Ratio ???

    thanks for the replies folks, taking it back to garage it was done in on Monday a.t.b. sfa
  5. superfurryanimal

    Vauxhall Combo 13 Cdti Gear Ratio ???

    anyone else got one ?? just bought one problem is at 55mph in 5th gear its up to 3000 rpm !! guy said gearbox had been reconditioned, surely that's not right ? any help much appreciated SFA
  6. superfurryanimal

    Dishwashers ? Any Plumbers Help ?

    anyone know if you can fit a dishwasher into an existing standard kitchen unit so that I can keep unit door, so its out of sight ?? a.t.b.sfa
  7. superfurryanimal

    Padstow Fishing ?

    thanks for the replies not looking to go out on a boat just looking for a few marks off the shore or the estuary a.t.b sfa
  8. superfurryanimal

    Padstow Fishing ?

    off on my annual hols shortly, anyone recommend any good fishing marks ?? a.t.b sfa
  9. superfurryanimal

    Ppi Claim

    after a few phone calls the forms have come, need to be filled in onwards & upwards ! mate of mine has just received a cheque for £ 8000 !! for ppi he was paying on loans in the 90's
  10. superfurryanimal

    Ppi Claim

    thanks for the info a.t.b sfa
  11. superfurryanimal

    Ppi Claim

    anyone made a claim for ppi yourself ? had loans with Barclays over the years but no longer bank with them left them 8 yrs ago, do you just phone them or is there a certain way you go about it ?? a.t.b sfa
  12. superfurryanimal

    Working Bedlingtons 2005

    just wondering Swanseajack, do you think the bedlington is in a better place now since you started the thread all those years ago ? great thread by the way !
  13. superfurryanimal

    Chicken Manure ?

    is it ok to put fresh chicken droppings around veg making sure its not touching any of the plant ? ie :- down the middle of a row of runner beans, round cabbages etc a.t.b sfa
  14. superfurryanimal

    Thailand . Shocking Food

    would you like onions with your hot dog ?
  15. superfurryanimal

    Anyone Know What Sort Of Nils These Are ?

    still use them on my brogues !!!! get an extra year or 2 out of them !