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My First Hawk...


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Stella hit a small fence hidden in some tall grass while chasing a rabbit thats all i wish to say,after talking things over with dad and a great many tears we have decided not to pack in with the hawk

Your a very lucky young man to have the back up and support at home with the bird. Your mews are first class and a credit to you, your enthusiasm is also spot on, and you have a lovely bird to work wi

Starting a thread to keep track of the progress with my first hawk. After reading up on Harris Hawks for more or less a year i decided to take the plunge. Built the mews and weathering aprox 2-3 weeks

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Guys I've been toying with the idea of a bird for a while now. With this kind of no holes bared posting it tells a real story both good and bad. It highlight the commitment needed and the rewards when it goes right along with the low when in this case it can go so wrong. For me the most important lesson here though is every creature has a personality as individual as a finger print and the perception of the easier harris is not always as it seems, yet even a trying bird can eventually turn into a winner. I wish you all well in your journey, and can't wait to get on join you in the art of falconry.




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well best read on thl in bloody ages all done by a youngster no bosting or bragging just the truth must be a first on thl well done hope all your seasons with what ever you hunt with are all good ones and wel done the dad hope he gets a big fathers day card

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hi all sorry to post on this guys page .nice bird by the way I am new to this site and looking for help .I have been looking in to getting a bop for a few years now and and not rush in to it like most has the time has not been right to take bird on with work but I resently found a bird that was not being cared for just left in a shed with food thrown in on the floor to cut a long story short I gave in for the well being of the bird and took the bird on with only trips out with friends and reading books no other trying for my self so to speak I have got the bird home and done my best to make her a home I have waigh her and she is just shy ov the 3lb mark she is a reel big bird with that is showing sighns ov being a good bird I have gone threw the motions ov our her some love and she is now siting on the glove and but very nervous I have her jumping from the bow to hand for food but she is very timid one day she is fine another not so good at all she is a fhh at 2lb 15.5 any help with tips on her wiaght controll would be much appreciated I don't now what the idiot before me has done to her so I don't want to take to much food away from her and do any damage to her that way please help ian

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Firstly mate it's nice that you basically rescued a bird, but you should really have knowledge yourself or at least someone experienced at hand before you attempted such a thing.

It's very hard to give advice about weights on a forum, but she is probably massively overweight, how much I couldn't possibly tell you, but I would start by missing a days rations before gradually bringing her down until you get the desired behaviour.

But in all honestly I would find her a home with someone who knows what they are doing until you are ready to take on a bird yourself. Atb

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