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My First Hawk...


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Glad to see this topic is still attracting interest and in doing so either putting people off or encouraging them to keep one of these superb birds, i won't say own as we have never felt we owned either stella or ruby .. we sort of get on together !!!.

As for the past year it's been for want of a better word "trying" what with one thing and another, at times we thought of placing ruby with someone who could do her justice as we were stuggling to put the hours into her during the flying season, this then reminded me of the question "do i need to fly a bird of prey" well in the short term no.. ruby's always been well fed, watered and bowed out everyday but it's a bit like owning a 1098 ducati and never riding it, also who would she go to !!!!!!!!! no idea, note i never said sell her... no chance if we ever did part company with ruby she would go free of charge including her telemetry and everthing else at well over £1200 to a well placed home,as tight as things are. Anyway things are sorting themselves out rubys here to stay and droping feathers like crazy... so we look forward to the coming season in these uncertain times. Yours in sport dad & liam.














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Stella hit a small fence hidden in some tall grass while chasing a rabbit thats all i wish to say,after talking things over with dad and a great many tears we have decided not to pack in with the hawk

Your a very lucky young man to have the back up and support at home with the bird. Your mews are first class and a credit to you, your enthusiasm is also spot on, and you have a lovely bird to work wi

Starting a thread to keep track of the progress with my first hawk. After reading up on Harris Hawks for more or less a year i decided to take the plunge. Built the mews and weathering aprox 2-3 weeks

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quailty set up! where did you get the metal work for your mews

atb stu

hi mate, i make wrought iron gates, made the frame work and found all the mesh in a skip at the powder coaters when i dropped some gates off, its real heavy duty stuff, galvanized then powdered.
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what a read and for a young lad to pick himself up from lossing stella , more young lads shud take a leaf out your book i flown harris hawks for years i fly a male goshawk aswell i had one hit a fence 2 year ago and die . went straight out and got another , the very best of luck with this hunting season ,

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take no notice of nomoon he only comes on forums as he said when he joined to cause trouble hes a dick knows sod all about falconery him and his missus have a barn owl eache,which neither of them fly

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