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Found 54 results

  1. come on guys n girls a bit of fun whats your record catch in a season? i know this is gonna show some very big numbers from some of you agricultural mole catchers of present or past,honesty please,its gonna be multiple thousands we know but please say of you best season even if very small.dont be shy,i expect some beginers to be shocked and even disbelieve some figures, my catch is small compared to most agri trappers lets say 1500 modestly for myself to start it off over many jobs,so come on king mole who are you!
  2. nice to see these punks i caught a few colours over the years anyone worked out the cause?there not exactly common i thought fertilizers but not sure,anyone got a theory or know?
  3. anyone know talpex manufacters direct?are they in germany?website if one or contact?
  4. in this oic is mole traps that my dad makes and has used for bout 20 years with excellent catch rate.anybody else use them?
  5. could anyone tell me the price they charge to catch a mole thanks.
  6. Thinking about it the other day,i remembered how i first got into mole catching.It was an advert placed by a welsh mole catcher in the old Shooting News( now the Countrymans weekly)offering his booklet " The A to Z of mole catching " I sent away for it,and what a fascinating insight into the world of mole trapping it was.(I read it that much it eventually fell apart!)I SLOWLY took it from there,and when i EVENTUALLY caught my first mole,i was well and truly hooked.This was all more than 20 years ago.Anyone else want to reminisce?
  7. anyone using the trapline/steve albano type mole traps, i have used them in my garden quite a bit and am warming to them, i don,t think i will ever be able to set one as quickly as a half barrel , but at the moment i,m pretty impressed, any thoughts ?
  8. Just started using the talpex (genuine) this season.Its an effective trap alright,but a bit costly.I wonder who currently supplies these at the best price ? Cant be any fun for anybody who has to order a large quantity !
  9. swanseajack


    With the dry weather and all this sunshine, had a pisser of an afternoon tryin to get traps in a ploughed field!! In the other fields the ground is baked solid, snapped a few trowels, last week or two!! Just wondering if anyone still got much work on or has it all 'dried up' ??
  10. salclalin


    I Was talking to a Colleague in Work the Other Day and he Said that Moles are Absent in Ireland.Any Truth in this?
  11. A mate of mine caught a silver mole in one of two double catches off one field this morning. The chances of that must be pretty darned slim... Here are a couple of pics.
  12. This came about a mile from the last silver mole apparently....... Bloody lovelly pair they will make if they end up at the taxidermist. Happy Silver hunting... JD
  13. been thinking about this tonight,so who are the men behind testing the traps for uk use.and testing new traps that aint been approved does that mean they breaking the law by doing so....just something that crossed my mind thats all.
  14. Shrophunter


    I've been into metal detecting since the 's and detectorists were always advised to search molehills as they could bring historical artefacts up from depth and deposit them in the hills, ready for you to find. In all the years I've been detecting I have always done this and never found a bloody thing. Since being a full-time molecatcher I've sifted through thousands of molehills and again never found a thing. I'm always dreaming that some day I'll pick up a handful of soil from a hill and a gold sovereign will drop out. Is there anyone out there who has found any coins/artefacts/other interesting stuff in a molehill ?
  15. Back to my earlier comment on this thread, a couple of days ago i came across a totally submerged run with slight activity here and there so decided to drop a trap in. No picture taken when the trap went in as it was bucketing it down, Although the water level had dropped a little it was still up to the top of the trap. I come across this regular on some of the wetter land i trap on. Scuba moles
  16. I have just got 15 new duffus traps from the flat pack company and have read that ideally they need a bit of tweaking - i.e. bending the triggers. Could someone tell me how much they need bending and a couple of picture of before and after tunning with the trap in the set position would be brilliant as a guide please. Thanks, Dave.
  17. Do they mak a difference, ie do they work, I've missed one mole three days on the trot, it goes through the trap, fills it fulla soil and makes it run between the trigger and edge of trap ???
  18. No rest for me as my workload has gone through the roof, laying traps this afternoon in the sunshine. I spied the surface run coming out from the hedge, cut the top away, clean it out and lay the trap.. not enough loose earth to cover the trap so I walk 10 steps further up, grap a scoop full of soil turn around to see that my trap has gone off, fck it, too much fine tuning I thought, I lift it and Moley mole is in there :boogie:
  19. Just wondered how many moles people have been finding compared to last year. Now iv had not a bad start to my trapping season, catching average or above average on all my farms. On one farm I had 50 when the average over the last 5 years has been 32 so when that farmer said he had heard that the cold winter had killed alot of moles I laughed and said not that Id seen. But... when visiting a hill farm owned by that same farmer I looked from a distance and thought it was the same sort of numbers as last year but on looking closer I found all the workings to be old and not alot of fresh work. You know how mole hills look when they have been pushed up in solid snow, straight sides like a cylinder, thats how most where, like hills in the cold weather and not many after. Has anyone else found this? Iv been trapping on the moor edge right high up and not found any less moles but that one farm made me think.
  20. Went out to check my mole traps at a farm today and I had this waiting for me... I had another two as well, which I didn't think was bad at all out of 8 traps. Cheers.
  21. could someone please tell me which is the best mole trap to use cheers.
  22. I would like to say a big thank you to the THL member that sent me this, I've had it a couple of years now, watched it and Woodga's Rabbit snaring dvd as well when I first had them.. Inspired me to take up catching the lil black beauties !! Been at it a while now, and got a lot of work in last year. This year, I can (maybe can't) keep up with all the work I got on at the moment... and I have got lots of it... Anyway, while going through my stuff a few weeks ago I found the DVD's again, so I watched them both again... I picked up on bits that I have been doing wrong, or not quite right, replayed a few bits on the moles, then last week I tried a few things and they worked... upped my catch rate per trap laid by quite a few.. and given me the confidence/knowledge to keep at it, can only get better!! So thankyou to Moley and Woodga for producing them!! cant remeber who sent it me! I might even take up rabbit snaring if I had the time.. Anyway whoever sent i,t pm me please.. and anyone that hasn't watched either of them do it... you might learn something.. Cheers fellas!!
  23. I caught 48 moles on my parents small holding last year so there are plenty of old runs. It is a cider orchard and two adjacent fields which have sheep on them, but not currently. I get moles visiting now and again following the clearance of them last year, it was badly infested. The moles are after the manure fed worms under the grass. This particular one has been tricky. Tumps in three places in the one field so I set Talpex around all of them. The mole made tumps in front of two of the Talpex but not triggering them, so I changed to duffus for these two. One duffus was triggered this morning but no mole and there were more tumps, some in existing areas and a couple of small tumps. I put some more traps down and whilst doing so the soil was moving in front of one of the duffus with a mole under it which stopped when I stepped nearer. I will trap it but usually the moles are easy to trap. I am surprised and annoyed by its behaviour. I set some traps in deeper runs this morning which may do the trick and a couple in the hedge line as well.
  24. rogue male

    Mole traps.

    Thought i'd give my Duffus and Talpex traps an outing in the deer paddock last night. Had one in each type but the one in the Duffus was caught quite far back on its body so i need to adjust the sensitivity.