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  1. I've said it before and i'll say it again.A Lurcher that doesn't jump is not a Lurcher it's a Dog
  2. Anybody having problems with Yahoo??.I can access my Email account on the Laptop but not my phone
  3. About 5yrs ago there was a Litter of Whippet x Deerhounds bred in Shropshire.Anybody on here have a pup out of the litter??.
  4. I used to catch a few by the tail when we were Ratting in Gloucester.The rats would run up the piles of Potatoes in the Barn.I'd catch them and flick them over my shoulder to the waiting Dogs.The Gloucester boys thought us Welsh lads were Mental.They weren't used to Ratting Welsh style.Lol
  5. Had a phone call off a mate yesterday.He's looking for 2 Plummer bitch pups.Not bothered if the parents are not Earth dogs as he only wants them for Bushing and Ratting.He would also consider Lucas type pups.Any out there Lads and Lasses?
  6. My old Lurcher bitch finds them everytime i walk a certain area.Nice to see them about instead of seeing them flat on the road.
  7. Yes come on the English lads ! I bet the english boys are Proud to be Welsh.Lol
  8. Not a Football fan myself.More of a Rugby fan .I was doing a shift behind the Bar of my Local during the Game.The place was Buzzing.Never seen so many grown men cry when the final whistle went.Roll on wednesday.I honestly believe that Wales can beat Portugal
  9. Jumping is a Must.A Lurcher that doesn't jump is not a Lurcher.It's a Dog.
  10. Gutted for Penallta I played for Penallta many years ago. My nieces husband is the Captain of Penallta.I honestly thought Penallta would hold out.Fairplay to Bedlinog though they played to the whistle.
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